Monday, June 2, 2014

Time did it get to be June already?

Can't believe it's already been over a month since I ran Boston.  It has been a crazy 6 weeks or so.  Lots of stuff going on, dramatic changes at work stressing me out, worrying about the near and not so near future state of my job and how these changes will impact my career path in general. The stress of it all is weighing very heavy on me and sucking my motivation.  I took a little break after Boston and have been really struggling to get back into a routine of running.  I am so mentally exhausted that I don't WANT to run and that is a feeling I haven't felt in ages.  I continue to register for races hoping that it will help me stay motivated.  Something needs to change.

I signed up for the Dopey Challenge again the day after Boston.  Then a few weeks later I ran the Ragnar Cape Cod relay (originally the Reach the Beach relay, then merged with Ragnar).  It was a lot of fun, we ran from Hull to Provincetown and I have never been to P-town so that was cool.  Two weeks after that was my birthday and I ran 3 races in 3 places on the same day (10K in Newton, 5K in Norwell, and 4K in Walpole). That was really fun. The running wasn't tough, the logistics of getting from one race to the next was tricky.

Memorial day weekend I ran the Run to Remember half marathon, this past weekend I ran the Twin Lobster 1 mile + half marathon races, and next weekend I am running the Runner's world half festival hat trick (5K + 10K + half marathon).  Other than running I have a lot of other fun stuff planned for the summer too.  I am going cage diving with sharks in a few weeks, and then zip lining and rock climbing and I got another skydiving deal on groupon.  I am trying to cram a lot of crazy stuff in so I have things to look forward to and distract me from the stress at work.

Oh and I just realized there's only about 18 weeks until my next marathon! So, I guess I have to start training.  whoops.  I should probably make a plan and start running.

HUGE NEWS wrapping up Boston 2014 - I have raised over $16,000 for Dana Farber Cancer Institute running my 16th marathon.  It means so much to me I cannot thank all of the people that donated and supported me along the way enough.  You can still donate through the summer so if you just never got around to it, it's not too late....maybe I can hit $17,000 before my 17th marathon.