Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy “I’m single and I hate cheap chocolate and hallmark cards anyway” day!

I will be so happy when I don’t have to see another friggin’ Valentine’s Day commercial or chick flick on TV for a while. I mean, I love a nice romantic comedy now and then, but it’s nauseating in February. Even Facebook was flooded this morning with status updates wishing everyone lots of love. Blaghhh.

Last week flew by. I did two days of intense intervals on the dreadmill and stationary bike, one day of easy lifting, and a day of easy elliptical exercise. Friday night I went to Trader Joe’s after the gym – BIG MISTAKE. Traffic was terrible and it took me forever to get there and what should have been a quick trip to restock on peanut butter turned into a “everything looks good because I’m so hungry my stomach is eating itself load up on junk and eat it on the way home” trip. I was able to resist the sea salt brownie bites and chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels, but caved and got some mango sorbet and Trader Joe’s version of Doritos.

Saturday morning I went for a run with my lovely lady friends of Lowell. The plan was to do 5 miles, but I ran from my house to my friend Kim’s house which adds a little over a mile and a half each way for me. So, the total for me was about 8 miles and change. Kim is 36 weeks pregnant and still running! She’s proof that anything is possible. It was a great run, the sun was out, there was little to no wind, and we averaged about 10:00 minute miles. Here we are before the run:

After the run I had to rush home, freshen up and wrap a present for Kim’s surprise baby shower. I made her a hand stitched baby quilt. It came out so cute. It had little elephants, giraffes, alligators, and birds on it. Here’s a photo of her holding it up for everyone to see:

Saturday night, I just went home and finished my laundry and took a nap. I was sort of bummed out because I hitched a ride with one of my running buddies to the shower and on the way back to my house she was trying to fix me up with her ex. I appreciated the effort, but the more she talked about him and why I should date him, the more irritated I got and the more I just didn’t want to hear about it. He use to make her pancakes after she stayed the night and so we just referred to him as “Pancakes” and I kind of felt like saying “I don’t want left over pancakes, I want eggs and bacon!” Instead I just said “no thanks”. Then when I got home all the commercials and chick flick marathons on TV made me even more bummed out. Thank God I had a nice long run to look forward to the next day to make me feel better.

I woke up early Sunday morning and had my breakfast and tea and headed out. I felt pretty good. My legs were a little heavy and it was colder than the day before, but overall it was not too bad and it hadn’t snowed in a few days so that was a huge bonus because the roads were actually sort of safe to run in. The miles flew by. I couldn’t do my favorite 16 miler because some of the roads are still too narrow so I did the same hilly modified 16 miler that I did two weeks ago. I got to mile 7 and my iPod shuffle died, it was ok though. It’s been a while since I ran without music and it was kind of nice. I needed the “me time” anyway. I made it to the last 4 miles and felt really great so I picked up my pace and finished the last 4 miles the fastest and just in time for lunch! I had leftover Sesame tempeh quinoa and then went to the grocery store to pick up food for the week. I decided to try a new recipe and made Moroccan Vegetable stew with cous cous for dinner. It made my whole house smell amazing. Spices like cinnamon and cumin filled the air and then danced on my palate when the stew was ready for tasting. Before I knew it, I was thinking to myself “CRAP! Tomorrow is Monday!”

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