Monday, August 15, 2011

WOW Time flies when you love life

I can't believe it's been two weeks already since the last time I posted something. The days went by so fast. Not just my first two weeks at my new job, but also my training outside of work. Before I recap my training let me first say my job is AWESOME! I love it. I'm finally using the skills I have and learning new stuff too. The people are all very nice and my boss is great. I already have at least 3 projects to work on independently. No more micromanaging and suffocating in a boring routine job. Now I'm busy working with all kinds of different groups and people and my boss believes in me and my ability to take on whatever challenges he throws my way. What a difference a little opportunity to grow and develop has made. I'm like a house plant that was dying and pot bound suddenly I'm in a larger pot with room to grow and plenty of sunlight and water to help me flourish.

Ok, on to what I've been up to outside of work. Here's the cliff notes version: Rest, rest, 6 mile run, 7 mile run, 4 mile run, Firefighter bootcamp, 14.5 mile run, 18 mile bike ride, 5K race, 18 mile bike ride followed by a 4 mile run, 6 mile run, rest, 8.5 mile run, 16 mile run.

So the back to back rest days were necessary after the Century ride and triathlon in one weekend. I even skipped the Good Times 5k Bikini run. It's the first time I've skipped a good times race in probably 2 years. I even walked the race the night I got hit by the garbage truck last year. It was a tough call but I'm glad I did it. I needed an extra day of just chilling on my couch.

The next day I made up for it with a hill run, my favorite 6 mile out and back with a one mile hill in the middle. It was humid but not wicked hot. Thursday I ran to Kim's house for a 5ish at 5ish run. We did 4 miles then I did the extra 1.5 to her house and 1.5 from her house. Friday after work I met up with my friend Ann for a nice easy 4 mile run. It was still wicked humid out and we were both drenched at the end of the run.

Saturday morning Kim and I decided to go to Fit Lifestyle Studios in Melrose for Fire Fighter bootcamp. Basically, a strength and conditioning type workout with a fire fighter theme. We rolled out hoses and dragged them and swung sledge hammers and pulled a 165lbs. dummy, raised ladders, and crawled under stuff with oxygen tanks and helmets on. It was so much fun. I loved it. It was intense, but so fun that you hardly noticed you were working out.

Sunday, I did my long run and broke it up a little by doing the 6 mile out and back then running to Kim's for rest of the miles. It went by really fast and didn't feel like I did a long run at all. 14.5 miles total by the time I got home and averaged sub-10s. Still not back to my Boston pace, but trying really hard to get there.

Monday, I went for a bike ride after work to stretch my legs. Tuesday was "Three's Company" three person teams at Good Times. So, me and two other people formed the Crime and Punishment team. I dressed as a cop and they dressed as escaped convicts. My costume was a little tight in the middle and it made it very hard to breathe, but it was fun and we were definitely the most creative team.

Wednesday, I decided with two more tris left this year and one of them being a half ironman I should do a brick workout. I did an 18 mile bike ride all out effort as fast as I could and then when I got home I quickly changed into running clothes and did 4 miles. The first mile was a little slow, but then I was able to pick up the pace and I felt awesome when I finished.

Thursday, I did the hill again. Out and back 6 miles. Another hot and humid day and a slightly soggy run. I was going to do another bike ride Friday, but Ilooked at my calendar and realized it had been almost two weeks since my last rest day and decided shopping at the mall on my way home from work was a better use of my time. :)

Saturday, Kim and Bill picked me up and we went to Cherie's house in Methuen for a nice 8 mile run followed by some lounging by the pool. Chocolate chip pancakes and fruit smoothies made for perfect post run fuel. Then I met up with my friend Jackie at Life Alive for her first experience there. Kim met us there too. It was delicious as usual. Jackie was overwhelmed by the menu but once she pulled the trigger and ordered something she wasn't disappointed. I told her everything on the menu is amazing.

Yesterday, I did my long run for the week. 16 miles, my favorite loop. Shannon came over and joined me for the first 4 miles. She set the pace a little faster than I have been running, but I settled into it and held on for the remainder of my run and I felt pretty good. It was raining when we started and then the rain stopped but the air was still very wet. I was drenched when I finished, but I'll take cool, mistly, and 70 over hot humid and 90 anyday.

Lots coming up quick in the next few weeks, I'll try to be a little better about posting updates.

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