Monday, January 30, 2012

Vroooom....put put put.....crash.

Well, last week I started off great. Rested and refreshed and ready to get back at it. I registered for Marathon #10 - Shires of Vermont May 20th. My birthday weekend, what better way to celebrate than run my tenth marathon. I also signed up for a few tune up races between now and then. Couple of half marathons and a 20 miler. Feeling pretty good and back to my normal crazy running addict self.

Monday I went for a run after work - 5.7 miles along the Charles river. A little more Tuesday for a nice even 6 miles. Hilly Ayer 5 mile run with Kim and Daisy Wednesday. Rest Thursday and a 5.5 mile run along the Charles in the rain Friday night. Have to admit Friday's run was kind of an epic fail. I just wanted to do a short easy run to kick start the weekend and instead I got boo boo belly a little over half way in and had to walk for a little bit. Then I got stuck in traffic on the way home and couldn't get to the running store to buy new shoes for my long run Saturday morning. Whatever, I could just go after my run Saturday.

Saturday morning the plan was to do a nice 10 mile run with Kim and then Nutter and Erin surprised me and showed up too. I hadn't seen them since around Christmas so it was great. We began the run around 9:15am. All of my long runs start the same way going up a giant hill but on the brightside you get to run down it on the way home. That didn't really make anyone feel better about it. I don't mind the hill, I figure it's good training. Anyway, we all made it up the hill and then to the lollipop part of the run. I settled into a nice pace and started chatting with Erin since I hadn't seen her in a while and Nutter and Kim fell back and were running together for a while. We got to about mile 7 and Erin and I stopped to let Kim and Nutter catch up. Nutter was now ahead of Kim. I asked Kim if she was ok and she said no. She had a pain in her knee. We still had 3 and a half miles to go.

Kim said to keep going she was ok, just slow. We ran a little then stopped and waited and then ran a little more and stopped and waited. I felt really bad. What none of them knew was that the 10 mile loop was really 10.75 miles. I didn't want to say anything at the beginning of the run because I knew they might bail, but now it was even worse timing and I couldn't tell them now that the run was a little long. Erin and I continued running about a mile then waiting for Kim to catch up. Nutter was in the zone for the last 3 miles and just kept on going to the end. I finished and then ran back to run the last little bit with Kim.

Everyone finished the run, but they were all pretty miserable at the end and I felt like they all hated me. I didn't think 0.75 miles would be that bad, but add in the hill and as Nutter said, "that 10 mile loop felt like 13 miles!" I run that loop all the time and love it, but they DID NOT love it. Lesson learned next time, if there is a next time, tell everyone the exact mileage and elevation profile of the run ahead of time, if they bail on the run, but return for a different shorter flatter run that's better than losing all my friends because of extra mileage and hills.

Anyway, I felt like crap afterwards even though I felt ok on the run and actually ran it at a very good pace and talked the entire time. It was almost like someone punched me in the stomach and then kicked me while I was down at the end of the run. Saturday night I was suppose to have dinner with a friend, but she wasn't feeling well and we rescheduled, so I was left to spend the night alone wallowing in the suckfest of the day.

Sunday I woke up super early, couldn't sleep. I wanted to go for a run, but the events of the previous day pretty much sucked any motivation and energy I had in me out. I had a few cups of tea and thought about going for a run, but couldn't peel myself off the couch. Totally demotivated and destroyed. I spent the entire day on the couch watching National Geographic Channel. Around 4:00 I finally got up and did some laundry and made lunches for the week, but then returned to the couch for the remainder of the weekend.

I'm hoping that I can get my mojo back this week with a few short fast runs along the Charles after work and another hilly Ayer Run on Wednesday with Kim. Plus, registration for Chicago opens Wednesday so I'll be signing up for Marathon #11. I gotta get motivated, I have a lot to do this year.

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