Thursday, April 12, 2012

Boston is buzzing .....

...with anticipation of the big race on Monday. I have mixed feelings about not running. I'm jealous of all my friends that are running, but also relaxed and relieved that I'm not freaking out and checking the weather forecast every hour for updates and stressing about a time goal or last minute details. It's kind of nice to watch and cheer from the sidelines, but I would drop everything and jump at the opportunity to re-live the last two turns 'right on Hereford, left on Boylston' in a heartbeat if someone gave me a number.

I've got my own race to train for and run coming up in 38 days though so, it's cool. My training is right on track too and going great. This past weekend I did a 20 miler with my friends. They split the miles with me. Shannon ran the first 11 by my side and then Kim joined me for the last 9. I felt amazing until the last mile and a half. And really I felt ok, I just couldn't go as fast as I wanted to. I averaged 9:45s with Shannon and solid 10:00s with Kim both well below my targeted 10:18 (4:30 marathon pace). Kim's fresher legs wanted to do 9:30s and my tired legs could only manage 10:00s so I got a little cranky towards the end when Mother Nature chimed in with a lovely headwind. I got it done though and promptly plopped my butt into an ice bath. Seriously, can't recommend them enough.

Sunday, I was going to go for a short bike ride or easy run, but decided to stay in my PJs all day instead. A nice lazy day is sometimes the best training you can do for your body. I'm slowly learning that. Besides the night before I was driving home from going to the movies with a friend and my muffler fell off my car so I was too embarrassed to drive it anywhere, even just the grocery store. It was so loud.

Monday, I took a personal day from work to take my car to the dealership to get repaired. $1170 later I have a whole new exhaust system. I doubt that was really necessary, they could have just patch welded it back together, but my car has 97K miles on it and I want to get at least another 97K out of it so I figure it's a good investment. After the dealership, I went to the grocery store, then home, finished some laundry, baked some banana bread, made some soup, and even managed to go for a nice 6 mile run with Kim. So, overall it was a very productive day.

Overall, I'm feeling really good. My pace is finally starting to get back to where I was this time last year (not quite there yet, but a lot closer). I've got two more really long runs (18 and 20) before I taper for Vermont. Knock on wood, I have no pains or problems. It's just a matter of logging the miles and staying healthy at this point. My body knows what to do and I'm getting much better at listening to it when I need rest. I still have a few extra pounds that showed up when I stopped doing strength training after Tough Mudder, but nothing really significant. I'm sure as soon as I start adding more miles on my bike those will totally evaporate.

I guess I'll wrap this up by saying best of luck to everyone running Monday. I plan to be in Newton cheering with a cowbell and some signs and maybe even a ridiculous costume so that I stand out in the crowd. No matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you for the day, race smart, start slow, adjust your plan if you need to and own that course! Cherish every mile, take it all in, and no matter what your pace is time will move in slow motion when you make that turn onto Boylston. ENJOY IT! It is one of the most amazing experiences ever! I have chills just thinking about it.

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