Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wow, I've been busy

Only a month to go until Big Sur, how did that happen?  I finally got over the nasty cold I had.  It lasted about 2 weeks and sucked the life out of me the entire time.  But by last Friday I was feeling a lot more normal and good thing too because I had a lot to do.  And I've got some catching up to do on my training.

First things first, I did something super crazy and a little scary, but A LOT of fun last week.  I have been working on checking off things on my 'to-do' list (I don't like calling it a bucket list because I don't plan on kicking the bucket any time soon).  Last Friday I checked off something I've wanted to do since I first lost weight almost 6 years ago.  I went to Boston Trapeze School.  It was a two hour class and I was kind of terrified.  When I got there, I was early so I had time to look around and see exactly how high up the platform was.  Once we started though, the instructors explained everything really well and made us feel super safe.  And before I knew it I was FLYING.

It was SO COOL.  Towards the end of the class my hands were wicked sore and I slipped off the bar and fell, but you land on a giant safety net covered in foam mats so it was fine.  I had such a great time, I signed up for two more classes immediately.  I can't wait to go back and fly again.

Saturday morning I got up and my plan was to do an 18 miler.  It would be my first run in two weeks since I had been so sick, but I figured I would just take it easy and see how I felt.  I started out and the first several miles were fine.  I was slow, but I expected that.  I felt good though so I kept going.  I was a little sore from trapeze school and in places I didn't expect.  My glutes, for example, were wicked sore.  So every hill was even more of a challenge and I run a lot of hills.  My chest and arms were also really sore, I expected that.  But I forgot how much I use my chest and arms to power myself up all the hills I run. 

Twelve miles into my 18 mile loop I was pretty spent and turned back towards home and headed up non-stop hills for the last 6 miles AND if that wasn't tough enough, there was a ridiculous head wind.  I literally started cursing mother nature and screaming "F*CK YOU!" Pretty sure a dude walking his dog thought I was a crazy person.  With a mile left to go I wanted to cry, the wind just wouldn't let up and I had slowed to a shuffle and stopped to walk a few times.  Started crying, but I DID NOT GIVE UP.  Not all runs are awesome and that one was definitely challenging and frustrating and disappointing, but I finished it and got the miles in.  It took me about a half an hour longer than I wanted it to, but I fell pretty confident that this weekend will be a lot better.

Sunday the delayed onset muscle soreness from trapeze school really set in and I could barely move, in combination with running/walking 18 miles the day before I was pretty useless.  I took a rest day.  Did laundry and relaxed on my couch for a bit then I decided to catch up on some scrapbooking of all my running stuff.  I went to Target and printed about 200 photos, then when I got home I realized I forget to print about 175 more so I have to go back.  Oh well, it will keep me busy during the taper after I finish two more long runs.

Monday night I ran in Ayer with Kim.  It was a little chilly out and I was still wicked sore from trapeze school so I figured it would be kind of rough.  It was really rough.  I barely managed to keep up with Kim and her dog Daisy.  Pretty sure Daisy sensed that something was off because she kept looking back at me and stopping to pee even though she had gone a million times already.  I felt ridiculously slow and sluggish.  The run felt a lot harder than it should have for the pace we were doing.  I looked down a few times to checck my heart rate and it was super high.  192 at one point.  I was averaging 85-90% of my max by most calculations.  Not fun.  We did 5 miles, but it felt like I ran through wet cement the entire time.

Tuesday, I couldn't run because I had another cool item to check off of my 'to-do' list.  I was registered for a glassblowing class after work.  I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I got there early and checked the place out.  It was a small studio in what looked like a auto shop garage from the outside, but inside there was a small space to display all the items they make, like a gallery.  And in the back there were several furnaces and benches and tools.  It was so cool.  Three other people joined the class.  We got a quick demonstration of what we would be making and then we got started.  First we made paperweights and hten we made more complicated pieces.  I made a pressed in bowl.  Basically a bubble then one side gets pushed in.
It was amazing.  Tricky, but really fun and different.  My stuff came out really cool.  I had to wait and pick it up the next day because it has to cool down slowly over night in an oven.  If it cools too quickly the glass explodes.  I kind of want to go back again and make something different.  I would love a drinking glass or floppy vase.  Since I had to drive there to get my pieces after work I didn't run yesterday, but I plan to run today and the weather has been really nice so I'm looking forward to it.  Then I will rest and try another 18 miler on Saturday.  After that I have a wine tasting to go to. 

Staying super busy, I almost forgot I have a marathon in a month!  I can't believe it's so close.  I can't wait to go, but I'm a little worried that I'm not ready and my body is not happy about it.  Oh well, we'll see how my long run goes this weekend.  Then it's just a 20 then taper.  I'm sure I can check off a few more things on my list during the down time.  Before I know it I will be running the Pacific Coast Highway and finishing my 13th marathon.

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