Monday, September 9, 2013

Near Perfect Weekend

So, I guess my weekend fun started on Thursday night.  I went to a 'Rock and Jock' charity softball game in Lowell with Denise, Rich, and Liz.  We went to Beerworks first for dinner and super slow service.  anyway, the game was pretty fun.  A lot of current Boston Bruins vs. radio/TV personalities.  The jocks won it 16-0, kind of not a fair match up.  Only thing that I didn't really like about the game was that everytime they scored they fired an old school musket that was REALLY loud and scared the crap out of me.

Friday I got to work and really didn't have a lot going on, a few meetings to schedule and some training to complete but nothing urgent or important.  I was thinking about maybe booking a massage for after work if I could and then I got an email for Daily Deals at the spa I usually go to - 25% off a 90 minute massage at 4:00.  PERFECT, as if it was a sign from God that it was meant to be.  so, as soon as the spa opened I called and booked the appointment.  Then I just needed to get through the rest of the day at work to get there.  The massage was perfect.  I told her not to be afraid to hurt me and to get in there deep and work sh*t out.  She focused on my legs but also did a lot of work on my back and shoulders.  I definitely started drooling and almost fell asleep (which means she probably could have used a little more pressure, but I don't know if she was strong enough to).

After the massage, I headed home first stopping at a few stores, looking for a small lockbox to put in the freezer at work because there is a food thief taking things that don't belong to them and I thought it would be funny to put a lockbox in there, but I couldn't find one I liked for less than $20.  Got home, had some food and hydrated before hitting the sack to rest up for my long run.
Saturday I got up early to do my 18 miler.  I was feeling refreshed and recharged after my massage and ready to run.  Weather was pretty close to ideal too.  Cool and slightly cloudy.  I got started around 7:15 and felt pretty good.  It was actually a little cold and I thought about going back to my house for gloves.  The first few miles were a little slow, but comfortable.  By the 5th mile I settled in and maintained a decent pace a lot closer to my goal race pace and the smile returned to my face, the joy of running was back, no more struggling and suffering.  I was still slow on the hills but a lot faster than I have been in weeks past and on the flats I was running faster than my race pace so I am very optomistic for the marathon since it is totally flat.  I finished up the run feeling amazing and averaging only about 15 seconds per mile slower than my goal pace.

I spent the rest of the day taking an ice bath, hot shower, rehydrating, refueling, grocery shopping, napping, and oh of course bought a powerball ticket because I found money on my run and I always see that as a lucky sign.  I went to bed early again because Sunday morning I had booked another skydive (I might have a new addiction).  
Sunday I got up and drove to the drop zone.  It was chilly and really cloudy, but the clouds were burning off as the sun came up.  When I got there, it was sort of quiet.  Not nearly as crowded as last time, but that meant I got right in and on the first load.  This ended up being a good thing because the winds picked up and they grounded the plane a little after I landed.  I had a different instructor this time, Reid.  Still awesome, seriously I cannot say enough great things about the staff at Pepperell Skydive Center.  They are all so nice and funny.  Great gang to hang out with and jump out of planes with.  This time since it was my second time the instructor let me take the controls of the parachute and steer for a little bit.  I wasn't really sure what to do, he told me how to turn and whatnot, but I was so overwhelmed again by the beauty and grace of the whole experience I don't think I did anything.

After I landed I hung out and had a few cups of coffee, chatting with some of the other students and some of the staff.  Then I went to Kim's house to visit.  I hadn't seen her in a while so it was nice to catch up.  I brought some homemade chocolate chip banana nut muffins and played on the swingset with Ryann for a bit.  I was starting to crash from the adrenaline rush so I went home and took a nap watching a little football and a little Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Pretty near perfect weekend.  Only thing that would have made it perfect would have been if I won the Powerball, but I didn't. 

20 days to go til Berlin!  I might have to sneak in another skydive between now and then, but first I have to run Reach the Beach this weekend, followed by a half marathon on Sunday.  Getting in almost all my weekly miles in 3 days should be interesting.

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