Friday, October 25, 2013

Hitting the ground running

It's official!  I am running the Boston Marathon in 2014 with the Dana Farber team again.  I am so excited and a little nervous.  I got the confirmation email a few weeks ago and called in yesterday at my designated time to confirm my spot and set up my fundraising page.  I made a kick off donation in memory of my grandparents - Howard and Alice Burdwood.  I know they will be watching over me and are very proud.  I wish they could be here so I could hug them one last time as I cross that finish line.  It is going to be an emotional race for so many reasons.  Boylston is sacred ground to me and many runners that have the privilege to make it there and even more so now after the events of this past April.   

I have a million ideas bouncing around in my head for creative fundraising potential.  I already ordered my custom business cards and a few other items to help spread the word.  I will once again be doing opportunity drawings for my famous cheesecakes - Pumpkin for Thanksgiving, Double Chocolate for the Holidays, and Winner's Choice in the spring.  And I have a whole month by month plan for events and other incentives.

I will be posting my progress here along with updates on my training.  So far, it has been less than 24hrs and I am already at $1305!  On the course map, that puts me almost in Ashland and couldn't be better timing because this weekend I will be running a half marathon in Ashland that starts at the original start line of the Boston Marathon.
So, stay tuned for more information and updates and in the meantime, go to my personal fundraising page and make a donation if you haven't already!

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