Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Only 5 weeks until Dopey

I think I'm ready.  Over the long holiday weekend I did the best training runs so far for this challenge.  On Thanksgiving I ran a 5K, Friday I ran 7 miles, Saturday I ran 10.75, and then Sunday I ran 18.  That's pretty close to Dopey distances.  All of the runs felt pretty good too. 

The 5K on turkey day was cold and windy, but I finished in about 30 minutes and averaged 9:55s.  I procrastinated on Friday and it took me a long time to get out the door to run but once I did I felt great.  I did my 7 mile non-hilly hill loop and averaged 10:25s.  Saturday I had a lot to do so I got up relatively early and did 10.75 miles averaging 10:30s.  Sunday, it was freezing rain and icy out.  There was reports of massive car accidents all over so I waited until about 10:30 to go out for my run.  I nearly wiped out on my front steps, but once I made it to the street things were less slippery.  The run was pretty miserable as far as weather conditions go.  It was cold and wet and windy, but I felt really good and maintained a pretty consistant pace. I slowed down on the hills naturally, but overall I felt good about it and averaged 10:55s (probably a little faster if I took the last 3 miles out because I was frozen and tired).

I'm really happy with how the whole weekend of running went.  I'm exhausted even thinking about it, but happy it went well and I felt good the whole time.  I am very confident now about the Dopey Challenge and could probably take it easy and taper for the next 5 weeks, but I've got other plans.  I'm going to do 2-3 more weekends like that and THEN taper.  I also have two half marathons in the next few weeks so I have to squeeze those into the plan too. 

I have started going to Pole classes every week and added Aerial Silks too.  I can tell I am getting stronger, but it isn't getting any easier.  Especially silks.  It is all upper body and lifting and pulling your own body weight up.  I see progress from week to week, but in inches not miles.  I also have a nice collection of bruises all over my feet, ankles, shins, knees, and backs of my thighs.  It's really fun and challenging and I am learning some cool tricks, but damn it hurts. Even the most basic thing, climbing the silks, is really effin hard to do.  I can get the first step but then I get stuck because I can't pull myself up.

Oh and I am trying something else this year, a Holiday streak.  The goal is to run at least one mile between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Today is day 7.  I am doing good so far, but I'm really really tired and I want to just take a break.  I don't think streaking is working out for me, but I'm not ready to give up just yet.  Even if I only go out and do one sloppy mile the streak is alive and unbroken.  I can do this. 

I think if I succeed in keeping the streak going until New Years someone out there should pledge a donation of $1 for every mile I run between Thanksgiving and New Years.  I'd match it.  It could be ~$200, but if I break the streak, that's where the buck stops.  Any takers?????? 

Speaking of fundraising, I am officially past the halfway point on my way to my goal to raise $10,000.  Thanks to all my generous donors I am at $5460 (plus there is a couple hundred dollars in company matches pending).  I'd LOVE it if I could hit $7500 before Christmas. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. 

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