Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be

It's been a LONG time since my last update. I've been really busy working on my "To-do" list. I'll try to give the short version of the last few months and sum it up nicely. In the end of May my company was bought/sold and as a result I was laid off in mid-June. I had already begun searching for a new job for a bunch of different reasons and had some leads so it was not that upsetting to be let go. Plus, it gave me some free time to have fun and aggressively search for a new adventure.

First week of freedom I checked off a few items on my list right away -
1. Donated 15" of my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths
2. Went Shark Cage Diving
3. Went on a Duck Boat Tour

Since then, I kept busy through the summer continuing to search for the right opportunity and training for my fall marathon(s). All the time while running I kept finding dimes. I looked up the significance of it and it is suppose to mean angels are watching over you. When I say I found dimes I don't mean in my pocket or at home, I spotted them every where I went and not few and far between, almost every time I left the house I would find a dime in my path. Although not having a job was stressful, I trusted in my journey and knowing I had angels watching over me I was ok with whatever obstacles I encountered.

Summer turned to fall and I checked a few more items off the list - hiked the tallest waterfall in NH and a few other amazing trails, went zip lining, did the Wineglass marathon (and a few other shorter races), got a new job that I am more than thrilled about, went to the Salem Witch museum, got a psychic reading, joined a CSA, and just this past weekend I completed my 18th marathon - the NYC Marathon. Oh and I found A LOT of coins on that course:

Neither of my most recent marathons was as fast as I'd like them to be, but I made sure to appreciate the journey and take in the amazing accomplishment of covering 26.2 miles again no matter how long it took me. My race mantra in NYC was actually "I'm exactly where I want to be/where I'm supposed to be". As 2014 speeds to an end and 2015 quickly approaches, I will start training for the Dopey Challenge and maybe even check off a few more items. Whatever happens, I could not be happier. Things have worked out very well and as I said to myself all summer, good things happen to good people. And so my journey continues.....

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