Friday, June 3, 2016

Time seems to be slipping away

Days are flying by. It feels like it was only last week that I went to Wisconsin and Michigan, but that was almost a month ago already. It's been a struggle to get motivated to start running again after that painful challenge. In fact, since the mittens I have only run once. I am in a serious funk and need a kick in the butt to just get re-started. I have a few really fun events coming up in the end of June and if I don't get back out there I will not be ready even for a short race. Granted the shorter of the two races I have coming up is a little over 7 miles up Mount Washington so that will probably be harder than the half marathon the following week.

The month of May just sort of left me physically and mentally exhausted and unable to snap out of it yet. My mom scheduled surgery at a hospital near my house and came down for a pre-op appointment on my birthday so we went out for dinner the night before. Then on my actual birthday I didn't have any plans which felt a little disappointing, but also kind of ok. I didn't want to do anything really. The weekend after my birthday I did check off another item from my "to-do" list and it was pretty cool. I rode in a glider above the Franconia ridge trail that I hiked solo last summer. I think I thought it would give me more of an adrenaline rush than it did. It was really awesome, but not as awesome as skydiving or flying a plane and doing a zero G parabola.
The week after that, mom had her surgery and my brother came down with his dog and stayed while my mom was in the hospital. Then my mom recovered for a few days at my house before returning home. While I am extremely happy that everything went well and my mom is ok, it was a bit of a disruption to my house and my routine in general and I have not had the time since then to put everything back where it belongs and clean my house. I have piles of mail I need to go through and throw out. Bills for the condo association that need to be paid. I have laundry that needs to be done and a sink full of dishes. The lawn needs to be mowed and I realized when leaving my house this morning it is supposed to rain today and I might not be able to mow it tonight as planned.

Tomorrow I am doing a 50 mile bike ride for the Best Buddies Challenge, a fundraiser that Tom Brady does on the cape. It ends in Hyannisport and there is a huge party and lobster bake and the Beach Boys are doing a concert. I will likely be gone all day and still won't get to any of the things in my house that need to be done. AND I haven't been on my bike since August of last year. I'm not even sure where my bike shorts are or if they even fit me anymore. Sunday I would like to get out and do a 6-8 miles run, then tackle a few of the chores on my ever growing list.

In two weeks, I get to run up Mount Washington again. I am thinking of doing it in a fun costume or something to get some cool photos along the way. Maybe while I am up in New Hampshire that weekend I can find a few more fun things to check off my list. Then the following week I am going to Iceland to run a half marathon in the middle of the night, with the sun still out because it is just after summer solstice. I am really excited for that. I've only ever stopped over in Iceland on my way to Denmark for work. I cannot wait to see more of it than just the airport. Looking forward to checking off "bath in a geothermal spa" and maybe "climb an active volcano" and "stand on a glacier".

I also purchased a book to learn dollar bill origami and I've already figured out a few of them. So I think I can check "Learn Origami" off my list too.

Hopefully I can get out of my rut soon and back into a better routine. Maybe even get back on my bike more regularly and do some more triathlons this summer or next summer. I miss it, I'm just scared to get hit again. It was 5 years ago this week that I got hit last time. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago. Time really does fly by......

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