Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Frozen Shamrock Race recap

Sunday's snow ruined any chance I had of getting in a long run, but the race in Haverhill was on. I got my green plaid mini skirt on (with under armour underneath to stay warm) and put little green bows on my sneakers and headed off to the race. It was slushy and still snowing a little, but not too bad. The roads were clear for the most part and afterall, it was just 3 miles. I've run longer in worse conditions so I wasn't worried.

The race started promptly at 1:00pm. It was a bit crowded at the start and as people dodged puddles and ice the pack slowed down dramtically around the first few corners, but after that it opened up. I was able to power up the first hill past a bunch of people and I was looking forward to really opening up on the downhill and picking up some speed. Unfortunately, the only section of road that was NOT cleared was the downhill. It was covered in hard packed snow and ice. So I had to slow down. Coming over the bridge into the last mile the wind picked up and made it a little more challenging, but I gutted it out and finished strong in 25:45. I wonder how fast I would have been without the snow.

After the race I enjoyed what I really went there for, the beef stew. OMG it's so good. I don't care how nasty the weather is I will always run this race just for the stew. I had my cup of stew and headed out and on my way home I realized I was really close to my favorite running store and totally due for a new pair of shoes. So, I stopped in and got some shiny new asics 2150s on sale!

My plan after that was to go grocery shopping and then go home and take a nap on the couch for the rest of the day. Clearly I didn't think this plan through very well because I was still wearing my green plaid mini skirt. I got a few funny looks in the store, but whatever, I looked good.

Yesterday, I went to the gym after work and attempted my (100 jump rope jumps + 2 mile dreadmill run + 2 mile bike) x 4 workout, but half way through the last set I got a bad case of boo boo belly and had to stop. So, I only got in 7 miles instead of 8 and didn't do the last 2 miles on the bike. I went home and made acorn squash with swiss chard and white beans. It was delicious. My tummy eventually settled, but I still feel a little yucky this morning. I'm hoping it passes.

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