Friday, April 1, 2011

OK Mother Nature joke’s over……

Really??? Come on! Snow on April Fool’s day. And not just a dusting, there was at least 2 inches of heavy wet snow on my car this morning and it’s still snowing! Whatever, I’m so over this winter and ready for spring and summer.

This week has been rough and by rough I mean boring. Taper is tough. After the 20 miler Sunday, I took Monday as a rest day. And guess what I did with my down time???? Yup, I baked. I made some delicious banana nut bread (and muffins). I kept the muffins for myself and gave the bread to a friend. I might have been bored, but on the bright side, my house smells amazing!

Tuesday, I went for a short 5ish at 5:00ish with the Lowell ladies. I was still really tight from the 20 miler. My hamstrings and glutes are killing me, maybe time for another massage. We did a 3 mile loop and I added on to make it about 5 miles, but it was slow and I felt it. After the run we went for a walk with the newest Lowell lady, Ryann Ann, my friend’s new baby girl. She is not cleared to run yet, but she’s chomping at the bit and ready to go (mom, not baby).

Wednesday, I had a dentist appointment after work so I had to skip the gym. I LOVE the Dentist! It’s like a massage for your teeth. Plus, all the hygenists and the dentist I go to are runners so it’s fun to catch up with them every six months and tell them what I’ve been up to and see what races are next on their list. After my cleaning it was beautiful out (in the high 50s and sunny) and I really wanted to go for a run, but still a little sore, I listened to my body and resisted the urge. So, what to do with my down time….? I got new shoes for the marathon and swung by the grocery store to pick up a few things, then I went home and made cookies. New recipe with dried mango, cranberries, and blueberries. I think I will call them “Mango-berry magic”. They’re pretty good, no Oatmeal Awesomeness, but still pretty yummerific.

Thursday, I picked up my new iPod from the Apple Store and went to R.E.I. to spend my member dividends and then headed into Boston for the weekly Crossroads/Newton Hills run. I hit the sweet spot for traffic and made it there in record time, unfortunately that meant I was EARLY. I could either wait around for 45 minutes to an hour for other runners to show up OR I could hop on the T and start my run ahead of everyone and hopefully ahead of the Nor’Easter too. I opted for gettign on the T and starting my run. As the T moved outbound towards Newton the rain started to come down. Just light sprinkles, nothing crazy. Then closer to Newton it started to look more like snow and less like rain and it was coming down pretty hard. Oh well, I was out there and there was only one way back – the 9 mile run over the hills (well, I could have just taken the T back, but come on, I’m not one to turn down a fun challenging run in a blizzard).

I started out and headed up the hills. I felt really good. Like AMAZING! I swear sometimes I think my body’s natural state is running because I’m way more comfortable running than I am standing still. Everything aches and snaps and pops and cracks when I’m not moving, but once I start running, it’s like my body turns into a well oiled machine. I finished the 9 mile run in 1:25 and got a bunch of red lights along the way so I can probably shave 3-5 minutes off that. I was totally soaked and dripping wet, but I felt awesome. Changed into dry clothes, stretched (something I rarely do and need to do more often) and waited for the other runners to finish. Overall, a little soggy, but a great run, and finished out the month of March with just over 200 miles!

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