Thursday, June 9, 2011

Black and Blue and several shades of greenish yellow

The road rash is starting to heal, but my bruises look pretty nasty now. My hip has turned all kinds of different colors and it hurts the most by far. My arm does definitely hurt still. I can't even wear my watch anymore because the pain from my elbow radiates into my wrist and makes it very uncomfortable. This makes it pretty much impossible for me to get my resting heart rate in the morning, but the few times I have taken it, it's still high so I'm guessing I'm still not healed and still slightly overtrained.

I haven't gotten back on my bike yet, which totally sucks because this week has been PERFECT for biking to work. It's been sunny and warm all week. It's driving me bonkers. I want to ride so bad and I NEED to ride to get some miles in to train for the Half Ironman I'm signed up for, but after two crashes involving motor vehicles I'm a little nervous to tempt fate and dodge death a third time. On top of that, gas prices are at an all time high and it would be nice to save some money. I'm sure my fear will subside and I will get back at it, but for now my bike is parked in my foyer.

I have tried running a few times. Sunday was a nice, easy, slow, longish run. I did 8 miles with Kim and Cherie. It was OK, but definitely slower than normal and I was really sore afterwards. I rested Monday and did NOTHING. I went to the police station and got the accident report and then went home. I was passed out on my couch by 6:00pm.

Tuesday, I did the Good Times 5K in downtown Lowell. At the beginning of the spring series I was 14th overall for the women, this time I finished 58th! I was 20th in my age group (compared to 5th or 6th I was getting). I did take it easy and I didn't really race all out, but still it's very disappointing to finish so much slower than I know I'm capable of. I hope I can get back to sub-25:00 minute 5Ks and maybe even break 24:00 later this summer.

Yesterday, I ran with the Lowell Ladies. The plan was to run to Kim's, do 3-4 miles, then run home. Well, the "run" to Kim's was more painful than I expected. It normally takes me 15 minutes and this time it took close to 20 minutes. My hip was really hurting and I had to stop and walk a few times. I hoped that it would loosen up and feel better after a little warm up but it didn't. I lagged behind the group and struggled to keep up and barely made it through the 3 miles that we did (Kim and Moe actually went on to do 4 miles). I hitched a ride with Moe and skipped the run home. Took some Tylenol and iced my hip before going to bed disappointed and in pain AGAIN.

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  1. Heal and come back blazing...Trust me, it's depressing but you will come back sooner and stronger if you rest NOW...instead of later when you have it worse!! -moe-