Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things are finally falling into place

Last week was great. I'm finally feeling better after a few months of overtraining and then getting hit by a car. I started the week with a nice 5 mile run on Monday. Tuesday I ran the Good Times Series 5K and knocked 2 minutes off my time from the previous week, more proof that things are looking up. Wednesday I did a playground run and circuit with Kim and Nutter. The run for me ended up being about 6.5 miles total and we did an awesome total body workout at the play ground that includes box jumps on picnic tables, burpees, inclined push ups, wall sits and a bunch of other fun stuff followed by a little ab workout. Nutter didn't think it was as fun as Kim and I did, but I guess our idea of "fun" isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Thursday afternoon I ran 7 miles slowly. It was my least favorite weather; hazy, hot, and humid. I was dripping sweat and a little dehydrated but I finished it. Friday I decided to take a rest day. I was going to go to the gym after work but I just wasn't feelin it and went home instead.

Saturday morning I met up with the Lowell Ladies at Kim's house and we did a great long run meandering through all of Lowell, a little downtown, a little nice neighborhoods, a little ghetto. It was like a running tour of the mill city. I edned up with a total of 13 miles adding on the run to and from my house while everyone else did 10 miles. Afterwards, the day was so nice I couldn't waste it so I decided to get back on my bike. I went for a nice easy 21 mile ride and returned to the scene of my accident. I'm not going to lie, I was very anxious riding up that hill and my heart skipped a beat every time a car wizzed past me, but I made it to the top safely and finished the ride without incident.

Sunday, I was going to go for another bike ride, but I just couldn't get motivated. I felt like being lazy. I was suppose to have a 10K race that day, but it got canceled and then I was lounging around my house and cleaning all morning and by afternoon I just wanted to take a nap so that's exactly what I did. I fell asleep on my couch and slept for 3 hours. Must have needed a little rest.

Monday was interesting......I went to work and waited for the layoff announcements. I had heard through the grapevine that Monday was the day and I had already cleaned off my desk, made lunch plans with a friend, and had an interview scheduled for later in the afternoon. I had set up a distribution list a month ago to send my final goodbye email and I knew it was coming. I wasn't sad or upset or even anxious anymore. The only fear I had was the fear of NOT getting laid off. I didn't want to stay there anymore. So, I had my morning cup of tea and tried to do some busy work, wondering when they would get it over with. I get to work at 6:00am so waiting for the 'notification' was torture. Lucky for me I didn't have to wait too long. At 7:30 I was told and I had to try to contain my joy and excitement. I told the director not to worry or feel bad about letting me go because I was looking at it as an incredible growth opportunity. I had been in my department for 10 years and trying to get out of it for the last 2 years so getting let go was like a breathe of fresh air after suffocating for 2 years. I filled out the necessary paperwork and sent my goodbye email that I had drafted and ready to go within 5 minutes of arriving and I said goodbye to a few select people, did a happy dance and walked out with a HUGE smile on my face.

Lunch was celebratory, I never thought I would be so happy to lose my job, but it felt like such a relief. No more stress of waiting and not knowing, it was finally over. I enjoyed the rest of the day and aced the interview I had then went for a fun run with Kim to top off the perfect day. I went to bed feeling bad for the other 220 people that were let go and not expecting it or not ready for it like I was, but I know everyone will be better off and things will work out fine in the end, they always do.

Tuesday I slept in and took my time getting up and enjoyed some tea and breakfast before I went for a nice long bike ride. I got 28 miles done and it felt amazing. I got lost a few times and didn't care, it was a beautiful day and I had no pressure or plans to be anywhere so I just pedaled my way around the Merrimack Valley. I got home, had some lunch, and relaxed for the rest of the day reading and watching a movie. Later in the evening I walked downtown for the Good Times 5K and shaved another 40 seconds off my time from the previous week. One step closer to my pre-Boston speed.

So, things are looking bright for me, physically and mentally. I've got a ton of really fun races coming up and lots of new opportunities to explore. I'm really looking forward to the changes life has in store for me. Who knows, maybe I'll go in a completely different direction than people expect and I'll surprise everyone. Stay tuned and find out.

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  1. You cut two MINUTES off your time at the Good Times just one week???!?!!!