Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy, busy, busy......

FUNemployment is a full time job. I have been so busy I haven't had time to write. Where do I begin? I guess right where I left off. Last Wednesday, the dust had settled from the layoff and I started working on really important stuff like my bike short tan lines. I got a nice 21 mile ride in and a 6.35 mile run too. Thursday I took it easy and just did a 4.5 mile run with Kim and our new running buddy John. It was rainy and gross out and we had planned on just doing 3-4 miles but once we started it was just drizzling and it felt kinda nice so we kept going.

Friday morning I got up early and had my usual breakfast before heading out to do my long run for the week. It was still spitting rain, but not too bad. I did just over 14 miles and felt great. After the run I had to pick up some supplies for the weekend's events. Saturday I was running a marathon relay with the Greater Lowell Road Runners(GLRR). Their singlets are green and gold and not extremely flattering so I made my own hot pink GLRR singlet.

Saturday morning I got up and headed over to Kim's house to meet up and go to the relay. It was still rainy and gross but the forecast had it clearing up in time for the race to start. Just after we all got loaded into Kim's car there was a flash of lightning and a loud crack! It started pouring. The rain was coming down so hard it flooded the track where we were suppose to run the relay. They delayed the start of the race for 30 minutes and the rain eventually stopped just in time. The relay was 12 teams of 26 runners each doing a mile and one runner doing a speed lap for the .2 miles to make it a full marathon. Some of the teams were totally stacked with super fast runners and some of the teams were just there to have fun. It was a great event and my homemade singlet was a hit.

Sunday I was doing the Warrior Dash a wussier version of a mud run/obstacle race, nothing like Tough Mudder. I ran in a "Babe-a-lonian warrior" costume. The race itself wasn't bad, but the organization of the event was an epic fail. It took me 90 minutes to park my car because they had everyone parking on a huge grassy hill which had turned into a mud pit with all the rain we got the day before. They actually had to bring in truck loads of gravel to put down because cars were spinning out in the mud and unable to park. When I finally got to the race I got my bib number and just went straight to the start because I had no idea what time it was and I knew it was well past my registered start time. The course was basically a mud run/walk. The obstacles were kind of lame and not very challenging. Then once I finished the volunteers filling the water cups at the finish had stacked the cups in a way that made all the mud and dirt from previous finishers go into the cups so all the water was dirty. The only other water available was for purchase. I waited for my friends to finish and then cleaned off and got in line to get on a shuttle back to my car so I could get my water bottle and some food in my car. Just as I made it to the front of the line a volunteer came by saying that the shuttles were stopped due to an accident in the road and we would all have to walk to our cars - 2 miles away!!! Most people chose to just wait for the accident to be cleared, I started walking. It was hot and humid and super sunny - perfect conditions for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Luckily for me I made it to my car and chugged the water and electrolyte drink I had. Needless to say, I was so tired and frustrated at that point I didn't go back to the race area to hang out with my friends. I just went home to clean the rest of the mud off and get some food.

Monday I had to go back to my former place of employment for a "separation meeting". Before the meeting I squeezed in a short run and a deck of cards workout with Kim. We did Squats, Push ups, box jumps, and dips - 100 of each. Then I biked to work for the last time to go to the meeting. 25 miles round trip. After I got home and ate some food I went for another run. 5.35 miles with Kim and Nutter.

Tuesday was my brother's birthday so I told him I would bike his age in miles. I over shot the mark a little and did 36.5 miles. Happy Birthday Bro! After the long bike ride my 5K time at the Tuesday night race was not exactly fast. Not only were my legs a little tired, but I think I was a little dehydrated too because I had a serious case of boo boo belly. If I ran any faster it would not have been pretty.

Wednesday I didn't have time for much because I had an interview in the afternoon. So, Kim, Nutter, and I did a nice easy 4 mile run in the morning. I rushed home, showered and got ready for the interview. Drove into Cambridge and found the company pretty easily. It was located on the same street I ran the Winter Classic 5K on and around the corner from the bar that awarded the damn Lobstergirl the costume prize! The interview went well and I headed home to get some dinner.

Yesterday I wanted to get more miles on my bike so I got up early and headed out. I biked from Lowell through Tewksbury, Wilmington, Reading, Wakefield, Melrose and back through Wakefield, then Reading, North Reading, Andover, Tewksbury, and back to Lowell for a total of 50 miles. It was great. About 35 miles into the ride I almost ran out of water, but then just when I was praying to see someone out watering their lawn or some way to refill my bottles I passed a huge cemetary and saw the faucets they have for watering flowers on graves. My prayers were answered and I refilled my bottles and finished the ride.

I was registered for a 5 mile race in Quincy in the evening so I ate some late lunch/early dinner and got in my car and headed to the race. I left super early and didn't think I would have any issues until I got to Boston and traffic was totally stopped. I sat in the tunnel FOREVER and made it to the race 2 minutes AFTER the gun went off. I was meeting a friend there so I walked to the finish line and waited for her to come in. Time went by fast because some of my favorite people and products were at the finish - Mix 1 and NRG Bars. If you've never tried them you are seriosuly missing out. Mix 1 is an all natural protien recovery drink that is absolutely delicious. It's not chalky or gross tasting and it is made with all natural stuff that is easily absorbed by your body and doesn't have any of the crap and chemicals your body doesn't need. Basically, it's like an awesome fruit smoothy with bonus benefits that help you recover from your workouts. NRG Bars are also all natural and delicious and they had their new flavor - lemon flax - available to try and it was so yummy I immediately bought 2 bars! So, I didn't get to run, but I did get to see some friends and enjoy the beautiful evening in Marina Bay, despite traffic ruining my plans.

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