Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another busy week

Summer has officially arrived with 4th of July weekend and hazy, hot, and humid weather. Last weekend I did a 12 mile run with friends on Saturday and spent the day at York Beach in Maine on Sunday. On the holiday Monday, I ran a 5K in Nashua, NH with some friends. I ran with my friend's dog Daisy and even she had a little bit of a tough time with the heat. She dragged me up the hill in the first mile and then I dragged her across the finish and into the shade at the end.

Tuesday was the usual Good Times 5K. This week's theme was 'coaster toss', you are given a coaster before the race and at the first water stop you have to try and toss it into a prize bucket as you are running past. It's not as easy as it sounds. I missed.

Wednesday, I got up early and met Kim and Nutter and our new running buddy John for a morning run in an attempt to beat the heat. We started at 8:30 and did a little over 5 miles and failed to beat the heat. It was a little slow and sweaty, but we finished it.

Thursday, I spent the day babysitting my friend Kim's little girl Ryann (aka - the cutest baby in the world). It was rough, we watched the Tour de France together and played in her bouncey chair and swing. Before I knew it, her dad was home and my work was done. I headed home for some dinner before going to my third 5K race of the week. Berna's Great Legs just a mile down the road from my house. It was hot and humid again and after the run to the race I was already dripping sweat. I started out the race with my friend Kim, but she quickly adapted to the heat better than me and I told her to go ahead. I barely managed to finish under 30 minutes and probably ran my slowest 5K in years. It was disappointing and depressing, the heat beat me.

Friday I rested because I was still totally wiped out from the night before physically and emotionally. So, I spent the day watching the Tour de France and finishing a scrapbook I made of all my 2010 races. It came out really nice and I already started a 2011 scrapbook. I can't wait to put the tough mudder pages together.

Saturday I had planned to run 14 miles and I ran from my house to Kim's to meet up with the Lowell Ladies for the long run. We started at 7:00 in an effort to finish before it got hot, but it was already 70 and humid when we started. Only 6 miles in we were all out of water and dying so we stopped at a McDonalds for water. It was the first time in probably at least 10years that I set foot in a McDonalds. They were very nice and gave us all the water we needed and even some salt packets too. We continued the run and I struggled a lot with the heat. I was totally drenched and dehydrated despite our pit stop to rehydrate. I had goosebumps and dry skin and started to throw up the water I was drinking so I slowed my pace to a crawl and finished up the run, just barely. Sitting on the steps at Kim's house sipping more water I decided to cut my run short and did a little under 12 instead of the planned 14. I felt sick and shakey and really dizzy so it is unlikely that I would have finished the last 2 miles anyway.

I hitched a ride home with Cherie and went to Rite Aid for my ice. I melted 6 bags of ice the previous week so this time I tried 8 bags, 40lbs. I sat down in the ice bath and didn't even need my hooded sweatshirt because I was so hot and within 5 minutes the 40lbs of ice was totally melted and the water was warm. I bet my core body temp was over 100 degrees. I spent the rest of the day shopping and rehydrating and capped it off with a BBQ at Moe's with a bunch of friends.

I'm up early today for my first international triathlon. Praying that I am recovered enough from yesterday's run and refueled enough too. It is suppose to be 90 degrees and humid today so it could be really ugly. I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

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