Thursday, February 13, 2014

I just felt like running.....

Went for my run last night and it turned into an epic Forrest Gump like adventure.  I started out not really feeling great.  Legs were heavy and for several reasons (work stress, life stress, random overwhelming emotions about Boston) my heart was heavy too.  I really wanted to just give up in the first mile and turn around and go to my car and drive home, but I kept going.  I ran to the Charles River.  I went along the Memorial Drive side to Western Ave then crossed.  This is where I usually make a loop and run the Storrow side to finish just about 6 miles.  Not last night, last night I just kept running along Western Ave.  I was toying with the idea of going to the finish and running Boylston to maybe see everything is ok and keep going and see that I can do this and I will be ok too.  I was thinking Western Ave would eventually cross either Comm Ave. or Beacon and I could run back towards Boston to the finish line if I felt ok about it. Well, it didn't go anywhere near either of those roads, it was a sort of sketchy area very industrial with a few dive bars scattered on the sides of the road like litter.  I passed a few gas stations and thought about asking for directions, but I didn't want anyone to know I was lost.  I ended up in Newton near the Mass Pike. Almost all the way to where I get acupuncture and almost in Watertown.  Totally lost, but no going back now, I looked around and I could see the Pru and I just started running towards it.  No clue where I was, but I was already 4 miles in and had to get back somehow.  I ran thru Newton, Brighton maybe or is it Brookline, I have no idea.  Got to Kenmore Square eventually and was at almost 8 miles.  I still sort of wanted to run the last mile of the marathon and near the finish but that would have added another 2 miles out and back.  Just knowing that I wanted to go there, but wasn't really ready at that moment was ok.  I was cold, tired, thirsty and hungry so I just crossed the Mass ave bridge and called it a day.  Still need to run that last mile a few times to get ok with it. 

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