Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's STILL cold and it's going to snow AGAIN

This weather pattern is really really getting old and making it difficult to get motivated to go out and run.  Plus the snow makes the roads more and more dangerous to run in.  I'm not wishing for the heat and humidity of July, but just 10 weeks to go until the Boston Marathon and I would like to not slip and fall or get hit by a plow truck while training.  All things considered my training is going pretty good.  I took a break last week because I had a lot going on and just didn't feel like running.  I was mentally exhausted and had no energy. 

Saturday I got back out there and did a 14 mile run through Andover and Tewksbury.  It started out awesome.  I felt great, my pace was solid, and I even found a penny on the ground (someone once told me finding money is a sign of angels watching over you and I absolutely believe it).  I got about half way and then I really had to pee.  I had two giant cups of tea to warm up before I left the house and they hit my bladder all at once.  No place to go and snow so deep that wandering into the woods was not an option.  I continued on despite a slower pace.  Imagine trying to run with your legs crossed and doing the pee pee dance all at once.  OMG.  It was rough.  I did the math in my head, miles to the nearest Mobil station.  Walked a little, ran a little, walked a little more.  FINALLY, got to the Mobil station and took care of business then light as a feather and feeling much better I practically sprinted home.  14.25 miles DONE.

Sunday I went cross country skiing with some friends for the first time.  We went to Great Brook Farm in Carlisle, MA.  They have all kinds of trails and rentals.  We all had an amazing time.  There were a few wipe outs here and there.  We tried the "most difficult" trail which was narrow and had a ton of ups and downs.  I took a bunch of pictures and then just before we left I suggested a funny picture of a staged 'yard sale' (slang for an epic wipe out that tosses all your equipment in every direction).  We climbed up onto a huge snow bank and set it up and as we were snapping the photo someone else took a picture too.  It was the Lowell Sun. 
The Photographer asked for all of our names and I told her only if she added a plug about me running the Boston Marathon for Dana Farber.  Which she did.  I hope people see it and I get a few donations.  Either way it was a great day and the photo is hilarious.

My fundraising is going great.  A few checks that I mailed in were added to my total yesterday and pushed me over the $8K mark!  That makes me a Dana Farber Pacesetter.  I mailed a few more checks Monday and yesterday and with those I will be closing in on my $10K goal.  I couldn't be more excited and grateful to everyone that has supported me and made donations.  It's so awesome and so amazing!  I hope I can keep going and raise even more money for the important research that Dana Farber does.  I still have a few ideas and might do another cheesecake drawing.  I'm currently encouraging friends and family that have donated to ask 5 of their friends to donate.  If just 5 people ask 5 friends to give $20, that will add up to another $500 for DFMC.  So, spread the word, share my page, forward my link, tell anyone and everyone that will listen to you.  Every dollar counts!

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  1. I am in awe that you aren't simply stopping at $10,000 - not that you would. But just saying that I believe that I would, if I were in your shoes. GO TEAM ALICIA!!