Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Rage

Ok, I'm going to go off topic. But first a quick update - I started the year off in Disney completing the Dopey challenge again. It was awesome. Then I got sick and had the worst cold ever for like 3 weeks. Then it started snowing and literally hasn't stopped for over a week. It's friggin' ridiculous. I have about five feet of solid accumulation in my town and snow banks and drifts that are twice as high. So, this is my off topic rant.

I was enjoying a relaxing snow day yesterday when around 5:00 one of my neighbors just about beat my door down. To be fair, I do have a sign up that says the door bell is busted knock on the door. She proceeds to start screaming at me because she came home from work and nothing had been shoveled and the snow drifts near her porch (way in the back) are waist deep and she has to go park in a garage and then walk a half an hour back (because of the citywide parking ban) then shovel to get to her door AND someone stole her shovel. How is any of this my fault???? It's not. The crazy guy upstairs from me volunteered to be responsible for snow removal and he personally pays guys that work for him (that I'm pretty sure are illegal and/or just released from prison). Well, he didn't do sh*t yesterday. 
So, now, I have to suit up and go outside and shovel when I'm just about to pass out on my couch watching the news. It gets even better, so I'm out there shoveling the entire property by myself. No one else comes out to help. No one EVER says thank you. It sucks to shovel because of the uneven bricks in the walkways, the shovel catches and gets stuck and kicks back at you when you push it through the snow. And there was over a foot out there. I get all the way around the walkway and see that some crazy guy, most likely my idiot neighbor shoveled a small path alongside the walkway, but NOT the actual walkway. Irritated, cold, and pissed off, I shovel all the snow from the actual walkway into the stupid path. He comes out pushes past me and goes to inspect my handy work then comes back and starts calling me an idiot and yelling at me.
I said to him, there was room to throw the snow so that's where I threw it. I guess he paid one of his guys to shovel out a little path for his dog to have a place to "go". He starts going off on me about how we should have enough money to pay for snow removal and I say we don't. I say every year at the condo meeting we need to raise the condo fees if we want to afford such services, but everyone refuses to raise the fees. And he just starts yelling at me that I'm useless and I'm stupid and can't do anything. So I put my head down and continue to finish shoveling and ignore him. He continues yelling at me saying that's right that's all you can do, blah blah blah. OMG. He's so dumb and angry and out of control there is no sense trying to have a rational conversation with him. I seriously HATE this guy and if he yells at me again I am getting a restraining order against him.

I am really really getting sick of everyone blaming me when our condo is such a small community (only 8 units) that agreed to try and help each other out rather than raise the fees in order to pay for a property management company to do all the snow removal and landscaping. It makes me sick with anxiety and stress just thinking about it and I have to schedule our annual meeting this month. If he comes into my house and starts yelling at me I will call the police.

I think these back to back storms is causing a new phenomenon - Snow Rage. Like road rage, but caused by the snow. Having to shovel for hours, being trapped indoors for days, fighting for parking spaces, etc. I seriously starting to feel like Jack Nicholson in the Shining. All snow and no running, makes me a very unhappy person.

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