Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Worst winter ever!

The optimist in me says that means we will have the best possible race day conditions for every spring marathon anyone in New England is training for right now.  I have only run once since Disney. Disney was a month ago! That means, yeah, you guessed it I have only run once in the last month. And I am starting to go a little stir crazy. Scratch that, A LOT stir crazy. If I don't get back into a normal routine of running soon I may need to be institutionalized.

On top of not running, each of the storms we have gotten in the last three weeks have been on Mondays meaning I have not been able to go to my pole fitness classes either. It's seriously bumming me out.

The only exercise I have been getting is shoveling for 3-4 hours EVERY DAY. And then.....oh yeah, there's more......None of my ungrateful annoying idiot neighbors (with the exception of one) even bother to say thank you.

Here's a great story for you all about how great and helpful and neighborly my neighbors are, a few weeks back during the first real bad snow storm we got, I shoveled out the entire street in front of our property and cleared the snow out from in front of EVERYONE'S cars, then it snowed maybe another 3-6" overnight and the plows created small mounds in front of everyone's cars that I then went out and cleared AGAIN. This process took me a solid 3 hours and just as I was finishing up one of my neighbors came out to clean off her car. I asked her if she could help me out and brush off my car real quick, nothing fancy, not asking for a full detail or anything, just 2 minutes of her time. She responded, "nope, bye" got in her car and left.

If it doesn't stop snowing soon, I may need to sequester myself for the protection of my idiot neighbors because if one more of them complains about the snow without first THANKING me for all the hard work I have done to shovel it all for them, I might hit them with the shovel, and not just once. I want to hit them over and over again OR shovel all of the snow directly onto their porches with a note that says, You're Welcome! Like I said in my last post, it's Snow Rage and it is taking over all of New England.

I desperately need to go run off all this anger and frustration and stress.

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