Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer of non-running fun continues

I was just catching up with a friend yesterday and reviewing all the things I have been up to this summer and it occurred to me that this has been the "Summer of non-running fun". Don't get me wrong there still has been a few races and running, but it's been kind of crazy. Almost every single weekend from May thru mid-September has had or does have something scheduled.
It started out with some running in May, just another little 26.2 mile run through Cincinnati, followed by a pub run, and the first of many mountain goat series races, then the Run to Remember half marathon. The first non-running fun was on my birthday weekend, I went to check out the 'Lawn on D' an open space in the city with live music, food trucks, art installations, and rotating other events.
June was also jam-packed with fun. I went to my very first Scooper Bowl, a local fundraiser for cancer research that serves up all you can eat ice cream for a $10 donation. I ran another mountain race up Pack Monadnock. Went on a little adventure to Vermont and scored some Heady Topper (IPA beer) and stopped at the Ben and Jerry's factory for a tour and a mini Vermonster. Finally got around to running the Freedom Trail in Boston. Then I flew a plane! Still can't believe that happened. Ran another half marathon. Went to a good friend's wedding up in NH. Saw the Barenaked Ladies play on the Maine State Pier in Portland and then celebrated my brother's 40th birthday.
July, with an extra week to work with and a holiday thrown in, I managed to do even more fun stuff. I went sailing in Boston harbor. I hiked the Franconia Ridge trail in NH. Ran 2 more mountain goat races and a half marathon. I went to the Lawn on D for a special exhibit of giant inflated bunny rabbits. I took a Stand Up Paddle board lesson. Went to a minor league baseball game in Lowell and partied at Folkfest. And I went to the Boston Tea Party museum.
August is not even half way over and I feel like I have accomplished a lot. I ran the Beach to Beacon 10K, a very popular race in Maine that sold out in a matter of minutes. I rode on the green way carousel in Boston as part of 'free fun Fridays' in the city. I learned how to play polo (yes, like on horses). Went out for Ethiopian food with a friend that had never tried it. Then most recently, I rappelled down an 80ft waterfall in NH in the pouring rain. I have to keep looking at the pictures and video because it was so unreal and so much fun I seriously can't believe I did it and I kind of want to do it again.
I thought skydiving was pretty awesome and would be tough to top, but I think the combo of all the crazy things I have done this summer might come close. Summer is almost over (only 25 days until Labor Day) and I am trying to squish just a few more adventures in. I have a triathlon this weekend that I am totally not ready for, haven't been on my bike since the same race last year. Then I am doing a wine tasting on a sail boat next week. Either this weekend or next I need to use a Groupon for a high ropes obstacle course at a local ski mountain. Then I am going up to Portland for a weekend of fun. Then Labor Day weekend I fly to California for the Dumbo Double challenge and my Coast to Coast medal from Disney. Somehow mixed in with all of this I need to train for Niagara Falls. I've done a few 10 milers, but need to be getting up into the 16-18 mile range soon.

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