Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday wish

May 18th is my birthday and all I want is Dana Farber donations. I'm running a 5K that day with my DFMC singlet and I plan to wear a back bib that says "It's my birthday give a gift to Dana Farber for me" or something like that. I REALLY want to try and get to 10K. I'm only $1900 away and there are a bunch of outstanding company matches still and I'm doing some other fundraisers. It would just be such a huge accomplishment to raise double what my original goal was. I hope I make it.

If I can just convince some of the people that haven't donated yet to give just $5, if 10 people give $5 that's $50 and it adds up really fast. I don't think people realize that such a small donation can make a huge impact if a lot of people give that small donation.

Oh and the other day I was out running a short easy run and I remembered a funny moment from the marathon that I have to share. My iPod shuffle definitely has a sense of humor or just really freaky weird timing. Along the race course it played certain songs with incredible timing. For example, when I approached Wellesley I turned it off and took out my ear buds because I wanted to get the full experience and although I did not participate in any of the "free kiss" offers, just after I passed the college and put my ear buds back in and hit play, the iPood played Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl". Then later in the race as I was struggling down Beacon St. towards Kenmore Square, just as I crossed the the intersection with the sign that says Welcome to Boston "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses came on. I forget what some of the other funny songs were, but those were the most memorable.

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