Monday, May 10, 2010

Shadow box, wall o' Medals, and mother's day brunch

So, a few entries back I mentioned that I put my medal in a shadow box. Here it is.

It is hanging on a wall with all my other Boston stuff:

Next to my Wall O'Medals, finisher medals and bibs from all the races I have run in the last 2-3yrs:

I think I need a bigger wall.

Anyway, yesterday was Mother's Day and I haven't had a great relationship with my mom over the past 10yrs or so, but through the magic of DFMC we were reunited yesterday for a lovely brunch at my house of homemade waffles (with stone ground whole wheat flour) and fresh organic berries and whipped cream. It was very nice.

So good that I might have to make waffles for dinner tonight.

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