Friday, May 7, 2010

Photocard mailing

I sent these out today with hand written notes on the backs of them to everyone in my address book. Unfortunately, I don't have the mailing addresses for a lot of people anymore, only emails. I hope that everyone that gets one sends me a donation and tells their friends. If I can just get everyone that has already donated to give $5 more and ask 2 friends to give $5 I can easily reach my new goal of raising $10K.

On the training front, even though Boston is over, I'm still addicted to running so I finally picked a fall event to train for. I will be running the Portland, ME marathon in early October. I can still recover for a few weeks before I actually start increasing my mileage again. So, now I know what I'll be doing all summer. YAY! Then I will most likely do Goofy again and hopefully Boston for DFMC 2011.

And so the journey continues......

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