Monday, January 3, 2011

Finishing up 2010 with a bang and kicking off 2011 with a 10K

So, the grand total for the year was a little over 1485 miles. I’m not going to lie, I was REALLY tempted to go for a last minute 15 miler to make it an even 1500, but I decided to take it easy and enjoy New Years Eve.

Then on my way to a party at my running buddy’s house with a double-decker white chocolate raspberry cheesecake in the front seat, beautifully decorated with fresh berries all over the top, I turned on my blinker to make a left hand turn into a driveway and turn around to park in front of her house and CRASH!!!!!!!! Some DOUCHE decided it was ok to pull into the oncoming lane and try to pass me on the left side before I made the turn. He ripped off the entire front bumper of my car and the cheesecake and berries went flying onto the floor of the passenger side of my car. Who passes on the LEFT???? AND I EVEN USED MY BLINKER!!!!! I know that’s weird for Massachusetts and maybe he didn’t recognize the flashing red light from the rear of my car as a signal that I intended to turn in that direction, but still, WHO DOES THAT? Needless to say I was pretty shaken up and really upset about the cheesecake and the damage to my car. I didn’t let it ruin my evening though. I called the police, reported the accident, got all the necessary insurance info, parked my car and went to the party. We counted down to midnight and so began 2011!

The next day, I got up and went outside to re-assess the damage to my car and was able to laugh it off because it looked pretty ridiculous that my entire front bumper was now in the back of my hatchback. Not much I can do about it but laugh. Went back inside, ate breakfast, had some tea, and headed off to the first race of the year. Lowell’s First Run 10K. It was almost 50 degrees out and unseasonably sunny and warm. Felt more like May 1st than January 1st. I was slightly over dressed in a long sleeve shirt and long pants. Went out too fast in the first 5K and sort of ran out of steam towards the end. Way too hot in the clothes I had on and dying, but I finished still in the top 1/3 of my age group. I hung out after the race with some friends eating homemade fudge and laughing at the sad state of my vehicle. Fresh start, new year, new miles, new goals, and lots more to come.

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