Monday, May 16, 2011

Overdue for a lazy day

So, I was really sore after Tough Mudder last week. A lot more sore than I have been after any of the marathons I have run. It's my own fault though. Saturday after the race I felt pretty good aside from being freezing cold and wet. I should have just rested and relaxed on Sunday, but that's not how I roll. I ran a 5K Sunday morning in Somerville. It ended up being kind of a hilly course and my legs were not ready to run anymore hills after Mount Snow. I ran SLOW for me and finished in 28:57 and my legs were toast. I felt like my quads got mauled by a mountain lion.

Monday morning was very painful and walking around work I must have looked like the Tin man in need of a little oil or a small child just learning to walk. My muscles just didn't want to work and I was throwing my legs in front of me with every step and my bones held up the weight of my body, but the muscles just didn't function like they should AND IT HURT. My legs hurt a lot. Normally, I would go to the gym after work and do some strength training and maybe some elliptical intervals, but on Monday I went home and got horizontal on my couch immediately. I couldn't even get down the stairs to my basement to do laundry.

Tuesday I expected to feel better, but I felt WORSE. My quads and glutes were screaming. I took some Advil and hobbled through the day. Good Times 5K would be interesting considering I was having trouble just walking to the start line. I wore my orange Mudder headband to the race, but I didn't feel very badass. I felt more like the wine I bought while I was in VT - "Broke Ass". Anyway, I started the race nice and easy and ran with my friend Zach. He stayed with me for the entire race even though he could have run a lot faster. We both have PRs near 24:30 and are capable of improving, but this night was not the night for a new PR. I just wanted to finish and maybe maintain my place in the standings. I finished in 27:16. Almost as slow as the night after Boston, but amazingly enough, my legs felt better after the run.

Wednesday, the pro photos were up.
Here are some of the best shots of me:





Wednesday afternoon I did 6 mile run with Kim and Nutter. I felt pretty good although my legs were still toast and I could barely keep up with Kim towards the end. She picked up the pace and I almost died. Thursday we did another 6ish and I felt even worse. My legs were not as sore, but I was exhausted. I just had no gas in the tank at all. Not only did I struggle to keep up, but I stopped and walked a bunch of times and almost didn't finish the run. I can't remember feeling that wiped out in a LONG time. It didn't matter how hard I tried, my body wouldn't allow me to take another step.

So, Friday I listened to my body and took a much needed rest day. I decided to go to the mall and get myself a "me to me" birthday gift. My phone has been dying for about a year and I've been procrastinating getting the upgrade. I finally did it. I got an iPhone. I already love it. I don't have an actual iPod except for my shuffle so it will be great to have all my music for traveling to marathons all over the country. Plus, I've heard it has all these other great features called "apps" that I have to figure out how to use now too.

Saturday morning was a Lowell Ladies run. We did a little over 8 miles and I felt great! The rest was exactly what I needed. After the run, I wanted to hang out and chat but I had an appointment with my Acupuncturist for facial rejuvenation (another me to me birthday treat). It's like botox without the harmful bacterial toxins. She works miracles and erases all my wrinkles and makes my skin so smooth and even. It's amazing AND relaxing. It was just what I needed. On my way home from there I stopped at Trader Joes and stocked up on all kinds of yummy stuff. You know when they say not to go shopping hungry, there's a lot of truth to that. I bought so much food. Everything looked so good.

Sunday was dreary and rainy and I was not feeling very motivated. I sort of wanted to go for a run, but at the same time I knew this weekend was the only weekend I didn't have a race or training run planned pretty much for the next 6 months so I decided to take advantage and be totally lazy all day. I stayed in my PJs and sat on the couch and watched TV and movies pretty much all day. I only put pants on to go to the grocery store, but took them off and put my PJs back on as soon as I got home. It was great. I haven't had a day as unproductive as that in a LONG time and it felt pretty good. Maybe this rest thing people talk about isn't so bad.

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