Friday, August 30, 2013

This really does make me smile....

I get that a lot.  This week especially, after jumping out of a plane last weekend and immediately wanting to do it again and trying to talk anyone that would listen into going with me, I got suckered (not like it was really that hard to convince me) into running the Reach the Beach Relay in two weeks with a random team I don't know.  It went something like this, FRIEND: "hey I had to drop out of RTB so my team needs a runner do you want to do it?" ME: "Well, it's two weeks out from Berlin and I have a half marathon that Sunday, sure why not."  I was sort of thinking of doing an 18-20 miler that Saturday anyway.  It will be way more fun to spread those miles out over 24hrs in a van with 5 people I don't know.

When did this become my normal?  I love it.  Work and life in general have been really stressing me out lately so I guess it makes sense that I am trying to cram as many distractions as possible into my schedule.  Mission Accomplished.  Mind taken off stupid condo association and attempting to arrange for $8000 worth of masonry repairs when we have only $2000 in the reserve account.  Focusing on fun instead of Risk Management meetings and potential mergers/acquisitions. 

This weekend my mom is coming to visit and while I do my 20 mile training run for Berlin she volunteered to paint my front porch.  SCORE!  My proch is in serious need of some TLC.  Chips of paint have been flaking off for a while, I just sweep them off the porch and ignore the issue, but if I want to sell the place and get out of there I need to fix it up a little.  Thanks mom!  Oh and I mapped out a new loop I am really excited about running.  My old 20 mile loop is really 21 miles and it kind of sucks.  There's a long stretch along crappy sidewalks up a gradual incline and not very well trimmed weeds that force me to run in the road.  The new loop I mapped out is a combo of my two favorite loops, my 14 and 18 milers, but in a figure eight so I skip the crappy part and only run the parts I really like.  Only downside is that it will be very hilly.
After my run I don't really have any solid plans for the holiday weekend.  I guess I will help my mom paint the porch and then who knows.  I'd REALLY REALLY like to go skydiving again, but can't talk anyone into going with me.  Maybe I'll just go.  Or maybe I'll start my Oktoberfest training and relax and drink a few beers.  No matter what it is going to be an awesome weekend. 

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