Friday, January 24, 2014

Polar vortex can't stop me

It is C-O-L-D!!!!!!  For the past two weeks we have had days in the single digits, but luckily Saturday morning wasn't that bad for running and this coming Saturday doesn't look too bad either.  Plus, I can still run when it's ridiculously cold out, it just means I have more laundry to do.

Last Saturday was my first post-Dopey run.  I did 8 miles with my friend Lisa, just a simple loop out towards Tewksbury and Andover, we skipped the big hill and went around it (the elevation change is the same but it takes you over some gentler inclines that don't really feel like hills).  It was cold out, but not too bad, sort of spitting wet snow like stuff a little, just enough to be annoying, but too warm to be snow and too cold to be rain.  I felt really good since I had rested all week following Dopey.  I was ready to get going again and it was my first official training run for Boston.
From this point on I ramp up pretty fast and need to start doing hills and work on speed and watch what I eat to try and drop a few pounds before the big day in April.  I kind of hope the weather stays a little nasty because in my mind that means the race day will be better.  If we keep getting lucky with warmer weekend days it makes me nervous about race day conditions, but it is still WAY too early to worry about that.  For now, I am looking forward to my 10 miler tomorrow and having my Sunday completely free because I don't have to do back to back long runs.

My fundraising has sort of stalled this month, after the Holidays and before a few fundraising events I have planned I'm not worried, but it would be nice to keep my momentum going and get a few donations here and there.  I mailed out about 50 follow up letters plus hundreds of emails after Dopey updating people on my progress and sharing news about upcoming events.  I really hope that I can be at $8K by the end of February.  Right now I am right around $7000 if I count the company matches that haven't been credited to my page yet.  
When I hit $8K I become what Dana Farber calls a "pace setter" it's a significant milestone on the team and I will get a special patch to add to my singlet to wear on race day.  The next milestone after that is $13.1K, it's above my current goal, but still within the realm of possibility.  If I make it to that milestone I will be on top of the World overwhelmed and extremely grateful to all my fantastic supporters.  Remember 100% of the money raised goes to innovative cancer research projects, not a portion and a fraction - ALL OF IT!  The work that Dana Farber does is really amazing and every time I read another update from the team my mind is blown by the breakthroughs and miracles that are happening because of the funds we raise.

PLEASE consider making a donation today:

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