Wednesday, April 9, 2014

12 days to go....

To say I am getting excited would be a little bit of an understatement.  But I am also getting nervous.  Last week I came down with a nasty head cold.  Still plenty of time to get better and I'm tapering so I'm supposed to rest.  But the congestion in my head is lingering and making me worry.  Just the normal taper madness stuff I'm used to dealing with.  I was sick a lot closer to Berlin and that worked out well....hahaha not really, but for a lot of other reasons.  I am confident that I can kick this and be completely ready to run on April 21st.

I am officially over $15,000 in my fundraising and not stopping.  I'm going to try to hit $20,000.  I think it's possible if some people give me a congrats gift or a good luck gift closer to the marathon.  I mean it is getting pretty close, if you haven't donated yet.....just saying.....whatcha waiting for?  Here's the link again: and a friendly reminder that 100% of the money raised is used to fund important cancer research that saves lives. 

I kind of want to plan one last event after the marathon to celebrate, but I need to find a venue and figure out exactly what I want to do.  It's my 16th marathon and my birthday is shortly after so a friend suggested a sweet sixteen party.  That would be really fun and I'd love to do it at a public venue so that all of my donors could came if they want to.  I could do more raffle items and maybe a 50/50 drawing.  Not really sure.  My main focus right now is just on resting and getting healthy for the race and mentally preparing.

That is definitely going to be tough.  I mean I knew it would be the toughest part of THIS marathon above any other, but I still don't really know what to expect.  There are a lot of events happening to remember the anniversary of the bombings and the manhunt after.  There is a ton of media coverage.  Last night there was a special on one of the local channels and not even a minute into the program they played the clip of the bombs going off and I got chills again and started crying.  I am trying to focus on the race and running strong, but everything everywhere is a constant reminder of last year.  I want to move forward but keep getting pulled back.

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