Monday, April 14, 2014

Pep talk for me and friends running next week

Focus on positive things, avoid the media coverage. Think of Boston and Boylston before 2013 and how awesome it is and how amazing it is going to be. Triumph over the tragedy. That is going to be my mantra. Try not to let the fear and anger take over. Stay in a positive place. Get excited like you would have before any other race. Do not give even a moments thought to the events of last year, focus on THIS YEAR and focus on having a great race. Visualize it going exactly to plan. Hold back in the early miles feeling great, weather is good, wind at our backs, legs loosening up and settling in, get to Newton and attack the hills, make heartbreak your bitch, break it, then pull back a little and let the quads take a breather until Beacon st. Keep your head down, give a few high fives to drunken college kids, keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, get to Kenmore, one mile to go, you got this, listen to the crowds cheering for you, listen to the city of Boston rallying around you, turn onto Hereford, get up that last hill, turn onto Boylston and look straight ahead, there it is and you will OWN IT, nothing will stop you, just a quarter of a mile to the greatest glory and the highest high you have ever felt, cross the line and then feel free to lose your shit and crumble to your knees in a sobbing mess, but not before you get the most amazing and AWESOME finish line photo EVER!!!!!!!!!

You can do this!

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