Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tapering for Boston...AGAIN :)

19 days to go, and time is FLYING by. Normally the taper is long and boring but I have been super busy.  Last week I went to the Sam Adams brewery for the release of their 26.2 brew fundraising event for the marathon bombing victims.  It was also the day Boston had a 9 alarm fire that killed two firefighters so as soon as they heard, a portion of the proceeds was donated to the fire department.  I got a growler of beer, a beautifully designed bottle opener with little details probably only a boston runner would recognize, and a pint glass.  Then when I got home from the event my welcome packet and runner passport was in the mail.  Pretty awesome day.OHHH!!!!! and while I was standing there drinking my beer sample I got this email:
Over the weekend I had the longest training run with the team and my mom came down from Maine to help volunteer at one of the water stops.  Friday night I baked a million cookies for everyone to enjoy after the run.  Not sure exactly how many cookies there were but I made 4 batches - oatmeal awesomeness, chocolate and toffee, chocolate with peanut butter chips, and regular chocolate chip.  I'm glad I made so many too because after running 20-22 miles the team devoured them. 

The run was really great.  We started at BC and ran to Natick and back.  The course was electrified with excitement and energy from all the runners out training.  There were tents and cheering stations set up a lot like marathon Monday and the weather was near perfect. 45-50 degrees, partly cloudy, BUT there was a brutal headwinds both ways.  On the way out and on the way back.  No fair Mother Nature, but I'll take it if it means race day will be nice.  At the water stop my mom was volunteering at it was sort of a special day in memory of a very special boy that passed away from cancer.  The entire family was there and they had a poster sized photo of him.  I got a whole group of the runners that run for him together with his mom and brothers and we took a selfie.  I posted it to Ellen's facebook page and it already has nearly 100 likes.
Monday night was the last team meeting before the race and they talked about race day logistics.  It's definitely going to be a LONG day and a very different race.  Security is going to be tight and the whole course will have barricades where they have never been before.  I'm nervous about it and a little bummed that it might take away from the atmosphere of the crowds and the closeness of the communities that support the marathon.  Either way I plan to do my best and run my heart out.

So far I have raised about $15,000 for Dana Farber and I'm not stopping.  I raised my goal to $20,000.  You can help.....go to my page and make a difference.... let's reach the ultimate finish line -  a world without cancer - together!

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