Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Santa...

My training last week was just sort of ho-hum. I did 42 miles total, my back to back long runs were 8 and 14. My 14 miler was slow and sluggish. I just wasn't feeling good at all. No energy.

So, since it's the holiday season, here is my list for Santa:

My wish list:
1. Health and happiness for me and all my friends
2. Injury free 2012 for me and all my friends
3. More smiles and laughs than frowns and tears for me and all my friends

Since no one, not even Santa can give those gifts here’s an alternate list:
1. Lunch at Life Alive
2. Asics 2170s size 11
3. Lululemon Scuba Hoodie

Things I REALLY need, but wouldn’t ask anyone for and will most likely buy myself:
1. New laptop (mine is older than dirt and only displays a blank white screen, kind of like a sheet of paper)
2. New bed (mine is over 10yrs old and was a hand me down when I got it)
3. New road bike (mine is 13+yrs old and has been crashed multiple times)

I'm not really into gift giving and Santa usually skips my house (except last year when he stopped by early with a number for Boston). I may do a few small gifts this year and will definitely bake a lot of cookies for everyone. I think my new job does an office yankee swap, if so I'm getting the forever lazy to give.

My plan for this weekend is to do 10 and 16 miles. Really hoping the 16 miler goes better than my 14 miler last week or else I may actually have to go to a (gasp) doctor and find out why I'm dragging ass(excuse the phrase, but it really does describe the way I feel accurately).

And now for something completely different, what Santa would look like if he ate a plant strong diet and only had vegan cookies and almond milk on Christmas:

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