Friday, December 9, 2011

While I'm on the topic of lists....

A few years ago when I started this journey I started a list of things I wanted to do, some simple, some more challenging, some silly, some serious. I keep adding to the list and checking off items as the time goes by. Sometimes my goals for the year accomplish some of the list items, sometimes I accomplish items by chance and a little luck of being in the right place at the right time. It keeps me motivated and has taught me to appreciate life and all the little things. Here's my list:
1. Get a Passport √
2. Go skydiving
3. Get a 26.2 tattoo
4. Drive across the US
5. Learn to Surf
6. Go on a Whitewater rafting trip
7. Go on a Dude Ranch trip
8. Learn to ride a horse
9. Go on a Tornado Chase trip
10. Complete a Triathlon √
11. Complete a ½ Ironman triathlon √
12. Complete an Ironman triathlon
13. Boston Marathon √
14. Qualify for the Boston marathon
15. London Marathon
16. NYC Marathon
17. Chicago marathon √
18. Maine marathon √
19. Visit the Grand Canyon
20. Visit Niagara Falls
21. Visit the Great Pyramids
22. Visit the Eifel tower
23. Visit the Great Wall of China
24. Climb Mt. Washington (or run up it)
25. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
26. Go to Carnival in Rio
27. Tomato fight in Spain (outside Valencia)
28. Get married in the Maldives
29. Visit Machu Pichu
30. Go on a Century bike ride √ (Metric and Full)
31. ½ marathon in less than 2 hours √
32. Marathon in under 4:30 √
33. Philly Marathon
34. Napa Valley trip
35. See the Tour de France in France
36. Alaska trip
37. Write a book
38. Learn to ride a unicycle
39. Learn to play a musical instrument
40. Learn to speak another language
41. Compete in the Death race
42. Professional pin up style photo shoot
43. Boston Trapeze School
44. Sell a piece of original artwork
45. Play the tambourine with a band at a live show
46. Run an ultra marathon
47. Beat my brother in a sprint Tri
48. Open a B&B or Bakery or restaurant
49. Have a cup of coffee/tea with a celebrity
50. Complete a marathon in all 50 states (5/50)
51. Go to Culinary school
52. Take the Firefighters exam
53. Re-Tile my kitchen floor
54. Get gas insert fireplace in my living room
55. Finish the crown molding throughout my house
56. Finish my basement
57. Be an extra in a movie
58. Have a speaking role in a movie
59. Walk on stilts
60. Be on the cover of a magazine
61. Get published
62. Do the Goofy Challenge √
63. Big Sur Marathon
64. Find a job I love √
65. Pay off my Visa bill
66. Pay off my college loans
67. Join a CSA
68. Plant a vegetable garden
69. Grow fresh herbs in my kitchen
70. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
71. Learn to fly fish
72. Go on a blind date
73. Draw/paint a mural √
74. Throw a kick ass party
75. Build a website √ (ironboots/rocklikewar)
76. Finish a crossword puzzle in pen
77. Act in a play
78. Win an award √ (best costume Devil’s Chase)
79. Build a piece of furniture √ (hockey stick table)
80. Inspire people
81. Organize a road race
82. Watch an operation live
83. Sneak backstage at a concert √
84. Do a ride along with the police
85. Ride on a fire truck
86. Slide down a pole in a firehouse
87. Do the Boston Stair Climb √
88. Invent the next pet rock
89. Save a life √ (girl at UNH)
90. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow
91. Go swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
92. Do a polar bear plunge
93. Donate my hair to Locks of Love (or similar org)
94. Recreate an iconic photograph
95. Take a pottery class
96. Take a stained glass class
97. Finish Tough Mudder √
98. Do an unassisted pull up
99. Fall in Love
100. Write a blog √
101. Go zip lining
102. Run Reach the Beach Relay with an Ultra team
103. Be in a parade √
104. Play bingo and win
105. Participate in a flash mob
106. Get a master’s degree in nutrition or an MBA
107. Take a dance class
108. Take Ballet class
109. Take a self-defense class
110. Do a snowshoe race
111. Do a winter triathlon
112. Try paddle boarding
113. Learn to cartwheel
114. Ride the tallest rollercoaster
115. Ride the fastest rollercoaster
116. Go to Europe
117. Marathon in under 4:00
118. Buy a farm
119. Buy a stranger’s groceries
120. Fill up a stranger’s gas tank
121. Donate a large amount of money to charity
122. Do a high ropes course
123. Take swim lessons to improve my technique
124. Learn to sail
125. Learn to row crew
126. Win a race
127. Stand on 4-corners (4 states at once)
128. Participate in a cook off/bake off
129. Learn to snowboard
130. Be a seat filler at an awards show
131. Spend a week “off the grid”

I continue to add to it and check things off. I hope my list inspires you to make your own list and not just so that I can check off #80. :)

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