Monday, April 5, 2010

The heat is NOT my friend

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy it’s not raining anymore and the sun finally came out, but this is not ideal running weather (unless you’re a Kenyan).

This weekend I did a nice easy 6 mile run and then drove the course with my friends Milady and Gillian. I wanted to get a few more pictures for my scrapbook. We headed down to Hopkinton around noon and took some fun photos at the start line and then hit the course. It was pretty crowded. I think that other people had the same idea as us. We got some pictures along the way and enjoyed driving with the windows down and the wind in our hair. It was a gorgeous day for a drive. We grabbed lunch in Coolidge corner and then we headed home. Citgo sign in view, but not even close, just taunting me and everyone else. Not nice Citgo, not nice.

Afterwards I went for a nice easy bike ride. I couldn’t waste the nice weather and I kind of wanted to try and get a picture of the tree that I ran into last week, but I think it got cut down or I just can’t remember exactly where it was because I couldn’t find it or a stump where I thought it should be. Anyway, the bike ride was nice. It felt great to get out on my bike for the first time this year and I can’t wait to start biking to work.

Sunday, I slept in late, rolled out of bed, and made myself some tea. I opened up all the windows in my house and let the fresh air in. Then I finally got motivated around 11:00 to go for my last double digit run until Boston. I was just doing 12-14, piece of cake next to the 20 miler I did last weekend. Well, Mother Nature had other plans. She wanted to challenge me yet again. The heat was more intense than I anticipated and within the first 4 miles I was dying. I felt like the force of gravity had doubled on me and it was twice as hard to move myself forward. I struggled through it and finished, but I ran out of water with 4 miles left and had to stop and walk for a little bit each mile to prevent overheating. The heat added 30 seconds per mile to my pace and made it feel like I ran twice as far. I got a sun burn and I was dehydrated and cranky.

Then, after I showered, refueled and rehydrated, I headed out to go to Target and print the photos I took the day before it was CLOSED. Stupid Easter Bunny! I went to the grocery store next to target to get some food; it closed 15 minutes before I got there! I drove to ANOTHER grocery store and got some food. Once I had some more food in my belly I was happier, but I didn’t enjoy the sun and heat as much as most people probably did. It is NOT my friend! PLEASE Mother Nature, give me a break and let it be cooler on race day!

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  1. Oh man, I'm hoping for a cloudy 55 degree day for Marathon Monday. I reallllly hope it doesn't rain or is 80 degrees!!! 2 weeks!