Monday, April 26, 2010

The Marathon is over, but the race to find a cure is not.

So, a week has gone by since I ran the Boston Marathon. My legs feel almost normal again and going down stairs is no longer challenging. The high is starting to wear off and I'm already starting to wonder, "What's next?"

BUT, before I move on to my next big challenge, I want to try and do as much as possible to help support the challenge of fighting cancer. This week I am launching several Victory Lap fundraisers. Another cheesecake opportunity drawing, mixed CDs of songs I listened to during the race, and magnets that say "I'm supporting DFMC Runner Alicia Leeman" I might also try to throw together a yard sale to raise some funds too.

I'm almost at $8000 and I'd LOVE to hit $10K. My original goal was $5000 so, to double that would be a huge accomplishment. Even bigger than crushing my marathon PR time by 24 minutes. If you're reading this, think about giving just $5 more, every $5 counts and it adds up fast! So, go to and make a donation today!

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