Thursday, April 22, 2010


What an incredible day. All my training and all the support from everyone paid off. I ran a personal best marathon time, finishing in 4:30 I beat my previous best time by 24 minutes!

In the morning, all the DFMC runners met at the Copley Place Marriott and walked over to the buses together. The line of thousands of people all carrying their yellow BAA bags was an amazing sight to see. We boarded a bus and off we went to Hopkinton - the longest bus ride of my life. We arrived in Hopkinton and walked to the church where all the DFMC runners were and we waited. After a team photo and some inspirational words from our Coach, Jack Fultz and from 3 time Boston marathon winner, Uta Pippig we headed to the start line.

I ran a pretty even paced race, killed the Newton hills and then nearly got killed by the backside of the hills. The 3 miles between BC and Kenmore Square were tough, but I made it and once I got to the last mile I knew I could tolerate any amount of pain for just one mile.

I made the turn onto Boylston and I could see the finish line and I knew I was close to my goal finish time so I picked up the pace and finished strong. The whole time fighting back tears and thinking to myself, “keep it together for the photo, look up and smile!”

I can’t even describe the feeling of being so overwhelmed with so many different emotions all at once to give it justice. It was a dream come true and I feel like I am still dreaming and I never want to wake up.

Here's me at mile 17 running up to my friends:

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