Friday, April 2, 2010

17 days and counting...

I'm still recovering from the bonk on the head from a stupid tree that decided to get in my way while I was running on Tuesday morning, but very happy to see the sun finally. Wednesday I did a lot of strength training, a little over an hour. Then an easy 30 minutes on the eliptical. Perhaps I was trying to make up for slacking the week before, or maybe I was still foggy from the head injury and went a little crazy, either way it was a good sweat session and two days later, the delayed onset muscle soreness has arrived.

Last night I decided to run the Newton hills just one more time before the race to really program my legs and brain to prepare for the race. The weather was PERFECT! Partly sunny, in the 50s, with a light breeze. It was like a dream. We hardly even hit any traffic on the way into Boston, found a parking spot right in front of Crossroads, hit the restrooms and headed for the T. The T ride was nice, it went by fast, we chatted with a few of the other people on the train and then we made it to Newton, sun still shining and still out at 6:30ish at night. Woohoo!

Started the run nice and easy, moderate pace, conversation flowed like the run off from the flooded streets. There were TONS of people out on the course running. Everyone smiling and enjoying the evening and the taper. One after another we attacked the hills, building momentum as we climbed. By the time we reached the peak of Heartbreak the conversation had stopped and been replaced with heavy breathing and drips of sweat falling off our elbows and hitting the pavement. Over the top, Boston College in sight, we started the decent into Boston. Meandering through college students on their way to Eagles Deli or many of the other fine eateries along the way that taunt us with enticing aromas, we started to pick up the pace a little. With 2 miles left to get back to the bar, the sun began to fade on the horizon and I turned my blinkie light on for safety (and for fun, I love the blinkie light). I kicked it up a notch, dug deep, and finished strong.

The run felt AMAZING! I am so pumped with energy and excitement I can hardly contain myself. I feel so ready for this race, all I have to do now is relax and try not to go insane in the next 17 days. I booked myself a massage next Friday to help. This weekend I plan to drive the course again with some more friends, take some more pictures and then do a nice easy 14 miler on Sunday with a few long downhill sections to prepare my quads for Hopkinton.

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