Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Funny thing about focus...

Sometimes you can be so focused on a particular goal you miss really obvious things that are right in front of you. This morning I went out for a nice easy 6 mile run in the rain. I had my hat on to keep the rain out of my eyes and my headlamp to light the way. Within the first mile my feet were soaked, but I felt good. I had a nice rhythm going and I was thinking only 20 days until Boston. For the first time ever on my 6 miler I even had a tail wind on the way back. It's ALWAYS a head wind. I should have known this run was too good to be true and Mother Nature had something up her sleeve. About 4 miles into the run, on the home stretch back to my house, floating downhill one foot after the other, looking down to avoid as many puddles and potholes as possible and then...."THWACK!" I ran right into a half fallen over tree right at head height. Like someone swung a baseball bat right into my face, except I was the moving object and the tree was stationary. Not exactly sure what life lesson to take away from this, but maybe it's something like while focusing on a big goal in life (Boston) don't forget to enjoy (or watch out for) the simple things in life (like giant friggin trees). Afterall, life is about the journey, not the destination.

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  1. oh no! That stinks! See you in less than 3 weeks!