Monday, March 22, 2010

Great, a little bit Goofy weekend

Finally, Mother Nature gave us a nice weekend to enjoy. I took a much needed rest day on Friday and did a little shopping. I bought my marathon shoes, a fresh new pair of Asics GT-2150s in bright turquoise. Then I went to REI and stocked up on gels because my online order was backordered and hasn’t shipped yet.

Saturday, I eased into the morning with a few cups of tea and some breakfast. Then I decided to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I laced up my new sneaks and headed out my front door at about 10:30, the sun was shining and there was a light breeze. It was perfect. About 8 miles into my 18 miler I realized, I forgot to put on sun block and chose to run during the peak sun hours of the day, stupid mistake on the first day of spring, but my runner’s tan had to start somewhere. I felt really good and was averaging a really great pace, and then I ran out of water with ~4 miles left to go. DOH! I had to walk a little until I passed a Mobil station and could buy a bottle of water. Then I finished the last 2 miles strong and went in my house to check out how bad my sun burn was. It feels worse than it looks. A short trip to Rite Aid, 4 bags of ice, and a soak in the tub followed by a hot shower and I was good to go.

I was suppose to drive the course with a friend and then get dinner in Boston, but she bailed so I just ended up hanging out at home with my neighbors and cooking dinner for myself. Hopefully the weather next weekend is just as nice and we can drive the course Saturday and get some cute pictures of me not sweaty and suffering.

Sunday morning was the Half of Quincy. I left a little late and got there with about 20 minutes before the start. I usually like to have a little more time so that I can throw stuff in my car and relax a little before a race, but it was ok. I was really glad I threw an extra shirt in my bag before I left because it was a LOT colder in Quincy than it was in Lowell. And it was very windy. I’m horrible with geography and had no idea that Quincy was on the coast. What a pretty course. There were a few parts that could have been more clearly marked and I wasn’t sure I was going the right way, but overall it was really challenging and scenic. More hills than I expected and a lot more wind, made for a tough run, especially after running 18 the day before. OH, and after all that hard work, they ran out of medals and I didn’t get one!!!!!

So, to recap the weekend: Awesome weather, not so awesome sunburn, race with no medal, and about 31 miles in two days. I’d say it was pretty decent.

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