Thursday, March 18, 2010


I got my numbah!

Tuesday I looked up the BAA website and searched my name and there it was. 22742, my official bib number for THE Boston Marathon. I got chills. It’s getting so close and the days are flying by.

Quick recap of the week so far, I lifted on Monday (upper body and abs), ran my 6 mile out and back Tuesday morning before Jury duty, yesterday I lifted (lower body and back).

The US Flag opportunity drawing is ongoing and starting to get some responses. I got a bunch of my fellow jurors to contribute (might have helped that I brought in homemade cookies for them). I’m trying to get the last couple of people that have said over the many months of training that they plan on donating, but haven’t yet. It’s frustrating. I don’t want to be a nag, but don’t tell me you plan to donate if you don’t plan to or if you can’t. Just say up front, that you can’t. Holding out hope for these people to come through in the end is stressful.

For some reason this week, it’s like all of the months of training suddenly caught up with me and I’m EXHAUSTED. I can barely hold my head up and my eyelids feel like little lead weights. I have had my resting metabolic rate tested so I know I’m eating enough (that was what made me exhausted when I trained for my first marathon), I’m sleeping plenty (although the quality of my sleep may not be great considering the nightmares of my crazy neighbor recently), I’ve taken it easy and backed off the cardio a few days now and my resting heart rate is still high (has been around 66bpm for a few days). Not sure what is going on, but I hope it passes and I feel better soon.

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