Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Group run and Frozen Shamrock

Saturday I got up and got dressed, had some breakfast and some tea and headed to Lexington for another DFMC group run. It was pretty nice out, sunny and in the high 30s, almost 40 degrees. I made homemade chocolate chip cookies the night before to bring for the volunteers because the previous weeks at Greater Boston Running Company have been REALLY cold and windy. Before the run started, I gave the cookies to the volunteers and one box to the store owner to thank him for allowing us the use of the space. I ran 16 miles. I ended up running the first 10 with a fellow DFMC runner and the time flew by. we were running a little faster than I expected to run, but I felt great and we were able to hold a conversation the entire time so I know I wasn't pushing too hard. Then I ran the last 6 miles by myself. It was a weird run overall, started out with snow squalls and near white out conditions on the path and then the sun came out and melted all the snow that fell and turned it into a beautiful day. By the time I finished I think all the cookies were gone. :)

I made a few stops on my way home, Trader Joes, naturally, and then to visit a friend and deliver an "In Honor Card" for her to decorate. Then I finally made it home. I should have stopped on the way to get ice, but so much time had passed after the end of the run I figured I could skip the ritual ice bath. I should have just done it.

Sunday was the first race in the Wild Rover Series, the Frozen Shamrock 3 miler. I was sore from the run the day before so I wasn't expecting any PRs or anything crazy. Just figured I would run real easy and see how my body reacted and get the medal and t-shirt. Someone asked me before the gun went off how fast I planned on running and my response was "As fast as my legs will take me." I started out slow and got comfortable and then picked up the pace. Let gravity do the work on the downhills and pumped my arms on the uphills and powered through it. When I crossed the finish line I looked down at my Garmin in disbelief. I PR'd by almost a minute! And I ran 16 miles the day before the race! It was incredible.

Monday I took a rest day, I earned it. :) Yesterday I just did a nice easy 6 miler in the morning. It was so nice because at 6:00am the sun was coming up! As I ran, the sun came up over the horizon. It was beautiful. Pinks and yellows and oranges painted a perfect landscape at the top of my favorite hill. Absolutely amazing. I barely even needed my headlamp and blinkie lights.

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