Monday, March 8, 2010

6 weeks to go!

WOW! There’s so much to do and so little time before race day. I can’t believe I only have 3 more long runs before the taper. That’s incredible. I remember this time last year preparing to cheer for my friends that were running Boston. Making signs and buying their favorite candies for a mid-race boost. Now, it’s my turn to run.

This weekend was great. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was in the 50s and sunny both days and I ran both days. Saturday I went out for my long run, 18 miles. I started a little faster than I should have, but with the weather so nice, I was chomping at the bit to run and my legs just wanted to go fast. The first 10 miles were nice and easy, rolling hills, mostly downhill and some small climbs. Then I turned into the wind and headed home up the monster hills on Tewksbury back to Lowell. I slowed a little and struggled a bit in the last few miles, but still managed to hold a decent pace and finish strong.

Sunday I ran the Claddagh Classic 4 miler. It was another beautiful day for running, but I was not looking forward to this run. It may be a short run, but it is a TOUGH run. The course goes up a long gradual climb and then a giant mountain of a hill that is probably a 12% grade. The good part is the second half of the course is all downhill and you are pretty much guaranteed negative splits. I ran the race in my DFMC singlet to test it out. I even pinned a sign to my back that said “Running for a cure and Accepting Donations”. I didn’t get any donations, but it was worth a try.
Tonight I’m participating in Spin for Hope, a spinning event for American Cancer Society. I will ride a spin bike for 2 hours to raise money and awareness for Cancer research. I can’t really raise money since I’m already asking people for money for Dana Farber, but I made a donation and had my company match it. It will be a fun event and I can’t wait to go.

I sent out my last pre-race email update today. There was lots of information in it and a few fundraising ideas. I hope that I see a spike in donations this week as a result. My two fundraising ideas are sponsor my training miles for the month of March and get some homemade cookies and an opportunity drawing for a US flag flown over the capital building in D.C. Not sure if that will get any takers, but it’s worth a try and it’s a really cool opportunity to honor a loved one in a really unique way. If you’re reading this and you want in on the opportunity drawing email me

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