Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm such a spaz

I wonder sometimes if it's possible to have running induced ADD. It's nearly impossible for me to focus on one thing at a time. I met this week with my trainers to go over my 2010 goals. Right now my ONLY goal should be to run Boston, but I'm constantly thinking about what's next. What do I do AFTER Boston? And I haven't even run Boston yet. I guess it's not a bad thing that I'm so driven and active, but really? Could I just focus on one event at a time?

Great example, I met a guy at the Crossroads run that happens to work as a Boston Fire Fighter and after talking to him, he suggested I take the Fire Fighters exam at the end of April (technically that IS after Boston). I looked up the test online and had flashes of myself taking the exam, but not gracefully completing each task, more clumsily fumbling through them like an "I Love Lucy" episode. Which would still be really fun and entertaining at the very least. So, now I'm torn, do I take the test as a fun challenge or am I just drawn to it because it gives me something to do after Boston. Or is it like exercise ADD and I'm running and running and running and all of the sudden, oh look a fire fighter exam.
What am I thinking?

Anyway, the 2010 goals are as follows:
1. Run Boston
2. Don't Over Train
3. Relax and enjoy more "me time" that doesn't involve exercise or running
4. Increase strength training (for real this time, it was a goal last year and I failed to make it part of my regular workout routine)

There's a whole list of races I'm already registered for too as part of my goals, but I call that more of a "to-do" list than a list of goals. :)

One of the bigger races is the Disneyland Half Marathon in September. I know it's only a half and it will be super easy. But it's all about the bling, since I did the Goofy in January, if I run the half marathon at Disneyland I get the Coast to coast medal. Much like the one in the photo. Except mine will have 2010 at the bottom. Plus, I get the actual race medal too! And another awesome trip with friends to a crazy race destination which will most definitely make lasting memories worth more than any medal.

Speaking of ADD, I originally started this post to talk about how awesome my run from Crossroads was last night. Got a little off topic. Back to the run. The weather was perfect, sprinkling a little and in the 40s, light winds, but nothing like the previous week in the monsoon. I got a slow start because my Garmin took forever to pick up the signals, but once I started I was FAST. I didn't feel like I was running hard or pushing myself, but I caught up to the fireman and my running buddy Susan and passed them, then I caught up to another group of DFMC runners and stuck with them for most of the hills in Newton, but once we got to the top, I picked up my pace and lost track of them, then I was on my own and in the zone. I just cruised all the way back to the bar. Someone must have been watching over me because I got every walk signal and every green light and weaved in and out of the people on the sidewalks like a salmon swimming up stream. It was amazing and when I stoppped, I looked down at my Garmin and I finished averaging a pace almost a minute faster than my normal pace. I'm convinced I found the secret to running fast effortlessly and I will share it with all of you......get ready for it......this will blow your's like rocket fuel and will put a little kick in your step and make you run like a Kenyan...... GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! I had a handful of Tagalongs before the run and I'm sure that is what gave me the go juice. :)

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