Friday, March 19, 2010

One Month to go!!!!!

You know you're a distance runner if...'re always hungry, even if you just ate. combine the words "6 miles" and "easy day" in the same sentence. have more miles on your running shoes than on your car. wear less clothing while racing than most swimsuits have.
...all you eat is carbs.
...your calves are twice as large as your biceps.
...the term "off-season" means the week between one marathon and training for the next one. know who Steve Prefontaine is and he's your idol. drink less than 2 liters in a day, and you're dehydrated. use the bathroom multiple times in the same hour. wish you were Kenyan.
...accelerating up hills has become second nature to you. schedule dates around long runs or races.'re running clothes cost more than your work clothes. know what it's like to consistently come close to passing out.
...the next race is on your mind from the moment the last one finished.
...your water bottle is like a security blanket to you. run more miles in a week than you drive to work.
...people call you a masochist. run in the snow, rain, 100 degrees, pretty much anytime and all the time.'ve rolled your ankle countless times.'ve rolled your ankle more than once in the same run, and then just kept going.
...your summer consists of waking up before 6:00 a.m. and running 10 miles before 8:00 a.m. and then running at least three miles after dinner.
...your motto is eat, run, sleep, repeat.
...when you're not in pain you feel unaccomplished. get honked at a lot when you're running. actually draft while running.
...your warm-up is longer than most people run in a week.
...the majority of your Christmas and birthday presents are running items.'re glad when you're half dead at the end of a race. have archenemies whom you've never talked to.
...when you finish a race you feel like nothing can bring you down...until you see your time. know what PR means and you know all your PRs
...when you get a PR you feel like you could fly...if you weren't so tired. soon you get a PR you start figuring out splits for a new PR.
...You have running shoes in varying degrees of decomposition: used, well-worn, spent but still good, and useless-but-I-still-wear-them-because-they-still-feel-good.
...Your fridge contains two types of drinks: electrolyte replacement drinks and recovery drinks.
...You sleep in running clothes so you don't have to change for your morning run.
...You wear sandals despite having the ugliest feet in the world, along with several missing toenails.
...You have chafing in strange places.
...You've been banned from all-you-can-eat restaurants
...You consider anything you're wearing on a run a tissue.
... You’ve been asked more than once, “how long is THAT marathon?” EVERY effin marathon is 26.2!
... You’ve lost multiple toenails, but still keep them as badges of honor or trophies.
... You’ve self-diagnosed every running injury you’ve had.
... You’ve taken ice baths and LOVE them.
... You’ve complained about how much a racecourse sucked and then signed up for the same race again the next year.
...Unless your friends are runners too, you don’t see or speak to them for months especially if you’re training for a marathon.
... You plan your vacations around which marathons you want to run.
... The third Thursday in April is “Marathon Monday” NOT Patriots Day.
... You eat to run and run to eat.

Feel free to add onto the list. :) Happy Friday!!!

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  1. PMPL this is a GREAT list! But please ... do NOT keep your toenails!! UGH!