Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crossroads and a soggy 16 miler

Thursday night my running buddy was sick. I still wanted to get a run in on the Newton hills so I went without her. :( It was a nice night, not too cold, but not quite "warm" either, spitting a little rain here and there. We took the T out to Newton and started running. I was running with Jack (?) from Boston Fire Dept. We made a pit stop at the Newton Fire Station, he just walked right in. I felt a little strange, but he said it was cool, the firehouse is a public building. Still felt a little weird just walking right in, not knocking first or anything. No one even really noticed we were there and before they could we were gone, so I guess it was cool. Then we hit the hills. Running a little slower than normal, but trying to teach Jack to hold back and start slow. He always attacks the hills like a mad man and I end up passing him on the last hill and beating him back to Crossroads. So, we made it to the top of the hills and I said, ok the tough part is over, now cruise into Boston and let gravity help you out. He hung with me for a few more miles and then I got a little kick in the last 2 miles and took off (I asked first if he minded). Finished and just hopped in my car and drove home. I was hoping to get to bed at a decent time and get a better night's rest than the night before. I succeeded. Woke up Friday morning refreshed and recharged.

Friday I just did a some lifting at the gym, got a new program from my trainer. Hopefully, I stick to it and start doing strength training with some consistancy. I hate it and would rather run or do just about anything but lift.

I also announced my next fundraiser this week. I'm doing an opportunity drawing for a US Flag flown over the Capital Building in DC in honor of whoever the winner chooses. It's a really cool and unique item and I hope people are interested. It comes with a certificate stating the date that the flag was flown and who it was flown for. $5 a ticket or 5 for $20. Make a donation to my webpage and I'll enter you in the drawing.

This morning I got up for the group run in Lexington. Had some tea and breakfast and headed to the greater boston running company store. It was 40 out, but felt a lot colder and then it started raining. I started out really slow, my legs were sore and heavy. After the first 3 miles I locked in my pace and got comfy. Felt really good even though I was soaked to the bone and freezing and running into a headwind. I just kept going and going. I usually end up taking a few walk breaks on this route, but I managed to run the entire route today and finished strong picking it up in the last 2 miles. Not sure what my splits were because my garmin lost satelites, but I felt good and that's all that matters. I learned a lesson though, squats, lunges, and deadlifts the day before a long run are not wise. My muscles are a little more tender than usual.

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