Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back on track

After a week of rest and blowing more snot than I thought was even possible out of my nose, I'm feeling better finally. Not running for 6 whole days was agony. Proof that I may indeed be addicted to running. I was too sick to notice if I suffered from withdrawals, but maybe that's what the sickness was in the first place. Doubt it. The more likely explanation is that my body was screaming for some rest and I was starting to over train so it stopped me dead in my tracks with a nasty cold virus and forced me to rest for a week.

Rest did me good. I woke up this morning with a resting heart rate of 52 beats per minute. If I took it again, it probably could have even been 50bpm, the last beat I counted was just as my watch ticked past 30 seconds. So, just barely a count of 26 beats in 30 seconds = super rested. After a few cups of tea and some breakfast, I decided to give my lungs a test drive and see how I felt. I brought one of the "In Honor" cards we recently got in the mail (wrapped in a ziplock so it wouldn't get sweaty) and I headed off to deliver it to my friend's house approximately three and a half miles away. First mile was a little slow, getting comfy and loosening up. Then I found my happy pace and just ran. Made it to my friend's house and back at a very decent pace and managed negative splits. Finished strong and felt great.

Tomorrow I'm going to try a group run with a friend and his running club, L Street Running club in South Boston. They're doing 13 miles so it'll be a good distance to ease back into my training. Lucky for me I got sick during a "recovery" week so that was the mileage I was planning to run anyways. Stupid cold thought it could derail my training, guess again virus. My immune system wins every time!

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