Tuesday, February 2, 2010


OK, so before I talk about my hunger, let me just summarize what I've been up to for the past 2 days. A light day at the gym yesterday, mostly chatting, 30 minutes easy on the eliptical, then more chatting and then a quick abs and legs strength session, nothing major. Today, more donations trickling in and a few more tickets sold for the upcoming cheesecake drawing. Then after work, 6 miles at a very fast pace over a bunch of hills and still managed negative splits. For the non-runners reading this that means I got progressively faster as I went, even though I was climbing some pretty decent inclines. Felt awesome!

Now, onto the hungry. OMG, I got home last night and even though I did almost nothing at the gym, I was famished. So, I cut into a ripe organic mango that I bought at Trader Joe's on my way home from the group run this weekend. Let me just say (and I'm not even exaggerating) it was the best friggin mango I have ever eaten in my entire life!!! It was sweet, and smooth, not stringy, and just the perfect ripeness. I have to go back and get some more. Today, I feel like I nibbled on food all day long, first a pre-breakfast snack of two small oranges. Then my favorite breakfast in the world, english muffin with Trader Joe's peanut butter, banana, and honey (if you have never tried this combo - I dare you to try it and say you don't LOVE it). Then lunch, a giant bowl of homemade soup with chicken, veggies, and garbonzo beans - YUM! Late afternoon snack, some grapes. Later afternoon snack, the rest of the grapes. Post work out snack a couple of carrots (I'm not talkin' those stinkin tiny cut up baby carrots, the real deal giant whole carrots). Then for dinner an entire Newman's Own pepperoni pizza. Oh and then a little after dinner sweetness, some dried berries from, yup, you guessed it Trader Joe's. They sell this amazing mix of cranberries, blueberries, cherries, and golden raisins. It's like friggin candy but way better.

Not entirely sure why I've been so hungry. It's good that I have a ton of yummerific healthy snacks to eat. I should get a second job at Trader Joe's to see if they get a discount on food, even if they don't at least I could get a heads up on the amazing deals like the 99 cent mangos that are out of this world amazing!

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