Sunday, January 31, 2010

6 more miles - DONE

That brings the monthly total for January to 91.5 miles. Not bad considering one wee was the Goofy Challenge and then a recovery week and slowly building back up to the big numbers.

Today was slightly warmer than yesterday, ~10 or 12 degrees. Still felt pretty nice though. I just need to get something to cover my chin and some good moisturizer for my nose. I did my favorite 6 miler at a pretty decent pace. First mile was the slowest, just warming up and getting comfortable. Then even on the big hill I managed to push it, pump my arms and power up it like it was nothing. And on the way back down the hill "Gonna Fly Now", the Rocky theme song, came on my ipod. That song always motivates me. Especially in the cold today, I only wish I had some stairs to climb at the end of my run and triumphantly dance at the top punching the air. That would have been awesome.

I have to say in comparison to yesterday's really flat group run on the bike path in Lexington, it felt good to do some hills. My average pace was faster on the hills than it was on the flats. Granted I ran half the distance and it was warmer out (only a little warmer), but still I love hills and this proves that my body loves hills too. That should be really good for me when I get to Newton in April.

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