Friday, January 15, 2010

Time to focus

Back at the gym yesterday, just did 45 minutes on the eliptical and some stretching. Felt good. I am truly amazed at how great I feel after running ~40 miles in 2 days. I took today off, not because I'm sore or tired or anything, but because I know I just did A LOT of running and I should let my body recover. I feel recovered, but my brain doesn't believe my body. It's insane.

Now, I have to focus on Boston. It's my top priority now, although there are already a few events under consideration for after Boston that I will most likely sign up for. April is so early in the year. In May of last year I ran 2 halfs and did a duathlon, but I was also severely overtrained and wiped out afterwards and took most of June off. I don't want to repeat that, but there are a few races I'm seriously thinking about registering for. I kind of told myself not to sign up for anything until after Boston and to enjoy the experience and celebrate afterwards instead of continuing the neverending cycle of training, racing, recovering and starting to train again for the next event, but it's addictive. I'm always thinking of what's next even before I've completed the event I'm currently training for. I wonder if there's a 12 step program for runners addiction....who am I kidding, I'd never quit.

Anyway, the plan for the weekend is to do spin class tomorrow, deliver some Disney presents and show off my bling, then I'm cooking dinner for an old friend that I reconnected with through my fundraising efforts. Then Sunday I want to do a nice easy 6 mile run. It will be my first run since Goofy and my first run in my Boston training plan. I call it a plan and not a schedule because it is subject to change. A lot of people worry about following training schedules and I did too the first time I trained for a marathon, but I know better now. I follow my body - rest when it needs it and build in rest so I can recover before I need it. It has made me a stronger runner, training smarter and knowing when to back off and when to push myself. Monday I will either rest or go for a shorter easy run, depending on my resting heart rate which was 52bpm this morning, another indication that I'm totally recovered from Goofy - AMAZING!

I also started the final round of the cheesecake drawings this week. Winner's choice - any cheesecake, anytime. Already sold a bunch of tickets and I'm up to $100! If this one is as successful or more successful than the first two drawings I'll be over my goal of $5000 way before April.

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